Facebook mobile advertising lifts search traffic significantly

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According to the latest research from Facebook, mobile Facebook campaigns are responsible for a significant lift in mobile search traffic. The Cross-channel planning: Making search work harder white paper, an analysis of 23 US studies and custom research, found that campaigns generated a lift in search traffic ranging from flat to 12.8%. In addition to traffic, the research also noted an increase in lower-funnel conversions.
Measuring mobile search traffic from Facebook paid media exposure for meta-analysis

Source: insights.fb.com
The research saw an average lift of 6.3% in mobile search traffic, compared to 0.9% in desktop, meaning that people were more likely to conduct a search when they had seen an ad on their mobile device. In addition, people exposed to Facebook ads were more likely to search for cost-effective branded keywords.
Average search engine traffic lift from Facebook paid media exposure on any device
Source: insights.fb.com
Having examined brands in Automotive, Financial Services and Retail, the study found that Facebook paid media significantly increased lower-funnel KPIs, including online and offline sales. Lift ranged from flat to 79%. For one of the tested US omni-channel retailers, average basket size increased 24% following Facebook mobile ad exposure, resulting in 30% lift in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Similarly, a US home furnishing retailer noted a 18% lift in basket size and 78% lift in ROAS.
Retail campaign by advertiser
Source: insights.fb.com
James Cooley, Partner, Group Director Search & Social, Mindshare NA, says:
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“Facebook significantly increases […] mobile engagement with our brands. [This] in turn drives more awareness and search [traffic], as we saw in this study. […] Customers are consistently moving from mobile to desktop (and vice versa), and [with] more studies like this and as attribution advances, the better we will understand the customer journey.”

The study shows that it’s important for marketers to understand the key drivers for search intent across a variety of devices. Mobile has been proven to be a successful method to increase intent. Marketers can benefit from these findings by experimenting with their cross-channel campaigns to include search and Facebook.
Darrell Jacobs, Head of Marketing Communications, Mitsubishi Motors Australia, which took part in the research, adds:

“The impact of a single channel on lead conversion and consumer behavior across touchpoints has always been difficult to isolate when running multichannel campaigns. It was a great success to see the significant uplift in search volume and lead conversion from people exposed to this Facebook campaign. We’ve gained valuable insights that will make our future campaigns even more effective.”

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