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Posted: December 15, 2021

The global gaming industry is evolving regardless of the medium and device. From consoles, PCs, tablets, smartphones and now to the metaverse, the gaming industry is thriving at a dramatic pace. The pandemic evidently added an extra spark to the growing gaming industry. Where the world was confined to their homes, many among us became game players. People eventually started exploring various mediums of socializing and gaming to find leisure and pass time such as AR, VR and now the Metaverse. 

The gamer’s community grew with every passing day not just adding value to the industry but demanding more and better options. Gamers around the world eventually started exploring new games with better-embedded technologies. This is when more and more 3D games became popular. Not just this, people started shifting from consoles and PCs to far more handy options i.e. the smartphones. The global gaming industry today consists of 51% mobile gaming which clearly depicts human dependency on smartphones.

The mobile gaming industry today

According to Newzoo, the global gaming industry is expected to generate a revenue of $175.8 billion out of which mobile gaming is expected to bag $90.7 billion. The global consumer spending by mobile gamers during the first half of 2021 alone was $44.7 billion. These stats reveal how rapidly the mobile gaming industry is growing every year opening multiple opportunities for mobile game publishers.

Besides, the 3D mobile industry is also blooming alongside the rest. The highest growth rate of the 3D mobile market was reported in the APAC region.

Alongside 3D mobile games breathing into the mobile gaming ecosystem, Metaverse is now making waves. Where the technology giants silently kept working on creating Metaverse and fostering it, Facebook introduced itself as becoming a Metaverse company. 

Mobile gaming has given birth to the need for mobile game monetization. Mobile game publishers today look for greater opportunities for mobile game growth and revenue generation. PUBG was declared as the highest-grossing mobile game in 2021, with a revenue of $832.12 million. The highest-grossing mobile games worldwide 2021: monetization analysis reveals how top games of the year earned handsome revenue.

These games, alongside thousands of others today, monetize. Most mobile apps and games today, however, look for easy ways of boosting in-app revenue. The most common and easy way of monetizing is in-app advertising. The global mobile game ad spending today is expected to hit $46.7 billion. Mobile game publishers today are actively in search of powerful mobile app monetization platforms and mobile ad networks for monetization. However, to make mobile app monetization even more fruitful in-app advertising, game publishers look forward to choosing the best ad mediation platform.

The mobile gaming industry is growing and so is the need for seamless monetization. It is high time now that the mobile gaming world witnesses a revolution like never before. An ad that game publishers choose without any fear of spoiling user experience or affecting the gameplay. Mobile game advertising needs an ads revolution that fits perfectly into 2D and 3D game environments while accelerating revenues at most. ConsoliAds has always addressed the needs of mobile app and game publishers by bringing the best growth solutions.

Immersive AdsTM by ConsoliAds, the future of mobile in-game advertising

ConsoliAds is here with a remarkable solution for mobile game growth, the Immersive AdsTM. These blended in-game mobile ads are designed to perfectly fit the 2D and 3D game environment without affecting the gameplay. The immersive ad is developed in compliance with the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standards.

These ads silently get served within the game and are displayed in a highly non-intrusive manner. However, the immersive ads become audible and clickable as soon as the game subject reaches a close enough distance. This feature amplifies the power of immersive ads making them highly engaging and interactive. The ad is designed to perfectly align with the needs of game publishers who want to monetize without spoiling gameplay for their audience.

Immersive AdsTM by ConsoliAds generates higher eCPMs due to their highly non-intrusive and engaging nature. An immersive ad placeholder allows game publishers to serve both video and audio ads one after another. This doesn’t just add to the eCPMs but gives a greater revenue boost. Mobile game publishers using immersive ads can enjoy the ease of placing one placeholder and enjoying ad serving of both types as the ad refreshes.

This ad type is highly adaptive, scalable, non-intrusive and easy to use. You must be surprised, how come blended in-game ads can harness the power of so many dynamic features? But this is real and this is happening! ConsoliAds’ Immersive AdsTM can be placed on any in-game object regardless of the size or position. Not just this, the ads placement does not require any hard pieces of coding. Just a single drag n drop can enable ad serving for game publishers at ease!

The ads look no different from the natural game environment but adapt to it effortlessly. A game publisher can monetize by not just displaying ads but also promoting in-app features while using this ad. This means Immersive AdsTM can be used to frequently promote in-game features and accelerate revenue.

Adding to the power of Immersive AdsTM, ConsoliAds lets game publishers control the replication of ad placement. A game publisher can conveniently replicate ads while setting up others for sole attention based on uniqueness. This ad is perfectly developed to grow revenue for game publishers as well as mobile advertisers.

Replicate real life advertising campaigns in mobile games with Immersive AdsTM

Immersive AdsTM by ConsoliAds opens an unparalleled opportunity for mobile advertisers to promote and acquire users hassle-free. Advertisers get complete control and power to replicate real-life advertising campaigns into mobile games. With Immersive AdsTM, advertisers can easily extend their promotional campaigns into mobile games.

Besides, this blended in-game ad has power beyond the game’s interface. But how?

Immersive AdsTM targets hyper-focused mobile game players who spare no second of attention while playing their game. These mobile gamers absorb every bit of information that they are being exposed to. The Immersive Ad campaigns add to the subliminal effect making gamers retain information for longer. A mobile game player might not directly respond to the ad but will remember what was displayed.

This, however, does not limit the potential of Immersive AdsTM, this ad has a significant CTR that adds to the advertiser’s revenue. Thus, these ads do not bother game players, neither make things tough for game publishers but rather grow revenue for both, mobile advertisers and publishers.


ConsoliAds has changed the face of the mobile gaming in-app advertising industry with the launch of Immersive AdsTM. An ads management platform that brings the best monetization and user acquisition solution for the mobile app industry. ConsoliAds has yet again managed to bring the best forward!

The Immersive AdsTM lets game publishers monetize and enable advertisers to upsell and acquire users seamlessly. So what are you waiting for? Open new avenues of non-disruptive monetization and creative advertising beyond reality. Sign Up with ConsoliAds Now!  

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