Chinese aps are reshaping the global market

Anne Freer | December 8, 2023

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Chinese app developers are not only thriving internationally but also reshaping the global app ecosystem. Based on new data from Adjust, Chinese-developed apps are making significant inroads into various countries. Let’s dive in!

India Emerges as Key Market for Chinese Export Apps

While India wasn’t traditionally considered a dominant market for Chinese export apps, recent data highlights its significant presence. In 2023, India stood out with an impressive 50% availability rate for Chinese apps, signalling a growing appetite for these offerings among Indian users.

Chinese apps availability overseas

Source: Adjust

Kenya’s Share in Chinese Entertainment Apps

In the same year, Kenya claimed a noteworthy share of the Chinese entertainment app market, with a 33% installation rate. This suggests a substantial user base in Kenya engaging with Chinese entertainment content.

India’s Remarkable Hold on Chinese E-commerce Apps

India made an even more remarkable impact in the realm of Chinese e-commerce apps, securing a remarkable 72% share of installations in 2023. This underscores India’s growing role in the global e-commerce landscape and its embrace of Chinese platforms.

Chinese e-commerce app install share by country 2023

Source: Adjust

Rapid App Session Growth in Emerging Markets

The global app landscape is witnessing a surge in overall app session growth, surpassing the rate of app installations in several regions, including INSEA (India, Southeast Asia), LATAM (Latin America), and MENAT (Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey). This trend reflects the increasing engagement of users with existing apps, indicating a maturing user base.

App installs and sessions

Source: Adjust

Explosive Growth in Casino Gaming Apps in Brazil

Brazil experienced a notable spike in casino gaming app installations in Q3 2023, with a staggering 168% year-over-year increase. This surge suggests a growing interest in casino gaming within the Brazilian market, presenting opportunities for developers and operators.

These developments demonstrate the dynamic nature of the global app ecosystem, with emerging markets like India and Kenya playing pivotal roles in shaping the preferences and trends in app usage.

Key takeaways

  • India emerges as a significant market for Chinese export apps with a remarkable 50% availability rate in 2023.
  • Kenya establishes a notable presence in the Chinese entertainment app market, boasting a 33% installation rate.
  • India’s dominance extends to Chinese e-commerce apps, capturing a remarkable 72% share of installations in 2023.
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