Social app for “shared experiences” Wisdo gets $11m funding

Ben Heathcote | December 16, 2018

App Deals

Image credit: TechCrunch

Wisdo, a new social networking app designed to improve mental wellbeing and tackle loneliness, has announced it is launching out of beta with $11 million in seed funding. The Israel-based startup’s backers reportedly include Google, Amazon, 23andMe, Oracle, Yahoo! and angel investors.

The Wisdo app was launched to bring people with similar life experiences and struggles together, allowing them to share advice and support each other. The platform allows users to join different communities focused on topics around mental health, family, physical health and sexuality and lay out their experiences in the form of steps.

The company was founded by media and tech industry veterans Ido Jonathan Engel (president) and Boaz Gaon (CEO), who was inspired to launch the app after his father, Israeli businessman Benny Gaon, died from pancreatic cancer.

Gaon told TechCrunch:

“Wisdo grew out of my own personal experience when my father was diagnosed with cancer – I had no experience with cancer and there was no ‘map’ for what I should do next, no one to give me direction. I also understood that this could not possibly be true: there had to be many millions of people who had lived through this exact situation and who could help guide me – I just needed to find them.

“This was the seed of Wisdo – connecting people around these experiences, finding the everyday wisdom that we all need, sharing the earned wisdom that we all have, building a map for life’s emotional challenges, and giving people insight into what happens next.”

Wisdo’s timeline feature allows users to share their life experiences in steps and then develops an outline for each life experience, allowing users to engage with each other in one-to-one conversations. In beta, Wisdo grew to 500,000 users.

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