Audioemotion partners with XAPPmedia to roll out more engaging app ads


XAPPmedia, which provides interactive audio services for mobile ads and app navigation, recently partnered with Audioemotion, the Spanish Internet audio sales company. As part of the deal XAPP interactive audio will be integrated into Audioemotion’s ad network.

XAPPmedia partners with Audioemotion for more engaging ads



XAPP Ads connect consumers with brands by engaging them with offers that pop up in mobile audio apps. Users are prompted to speak in response to a suggestion. This voice-activated engagement has been driving conversion rates that are over ten times higher than mobile display ads as they provide a more natural user experience, XAPP says.

Elisa Escobedo, CEO, Audioemotion, confirms:

elisa escobedo

“XAPPmedia’s interactive audio technology is the most natural user experience for mobile consumers. They don’t have to look at their screen. They hear the ad and if they are interested in an offer or suggested content, they simply speak and it is delivered instantly. It’s all hands free and eyes free engagement. We are excited to be the exclusive company to bring XAPP technology to the Spanish market and already know advertisers are enthusiastic about engaging consumers by voice through audio apps. We have no doubt that the terrific results XAPPmedia has delivered in the United States will be welcomed by Spain’s advertising community.”

Audioemotion has a network of 15.5m unique listeners. It offers some specialised agency services such as strategic planning, ad distribution and analytics.

Pat Higbie, CEO and Co-founder, XAPPmedia, adds:


“Audioemotion has tremendous reach that provides brand advertisers with access to 70% percent of Spain’s total online radio audience. We are excited to continue our international expansion and bring the high performance capabilities of XAPP Ads to Spain’s mobile advertisers.”

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