App usage grew 36% over the last two years

Anne Freer | April 27, 2022

App Business

App growth in the UK peaked at 52% in January 2021 compared to other countries. 

That’s according to new research from Amplitude which shows that overall app usage jumped 36% between the start of 2020 and the end of 2021 while website usage grew 57%.

Overall, more users are now on apps (54%) but website use is still going strong (46%).

Food ordering app usage jumped 164% since January 2020, and 77% of all users accessing banking products used mobile apps.

By December 2021, 88% of users accessing B2B SaaS products did so via websites. 

App MAUs grew 36% over the two-year period while website MAUs grew 57%. 

The number of MAUs on apps made up 54% of all end users but that growth was slower and steadier.

Food ordering habits have changed greatly over the last two years in light of the COVID pandemic. 

By December 2021, the number of MAUs shopping for food on apps grew 162% compared to 68% for web. 

Similarly, app usage of banking services experienced a steady surge in the last two years, growing at an even more impressive rate of 92%.

The findings highlight that brands and digital companies now have an even wider variety of potential touchpoint to engage with customers.

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