App download volumes surge in October, says Fiksu

Anne Freier | November 26, 2015

Mobile Advertising

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According to the latest Fiksu Index, app download volumes increased 23% to 7.9m this October, whilst Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) dropped 3% to $4.01. However, CPLU still presented a 86% year-on-year increase in costs to acquire a new users.
CPLU dropped 3% during October 2015
Driven by the popularity of Apple’s latest iPhone 6S, app downloads increased as new device owners added their top apps. In addition, Fisku expects the holiday season to be a busy time for app marketing, likely resulting in another surge of app downloads. According to comScore, 20% of millennials discover new apps during the holidays, representing a crucial time for marketers to advertise their apps.
App downloads were up this October by 23%
At the same time, Cost Per Install (CPI) rose 12% to $1.72 on iOS, representing a 18% rise the year over. On Android, CPI dropped to $2.42, a fall of 10% from the previous month, but up 110% from 2014. The higher CPI is representative of higher costs during the lead-up to the holiday season.
CPI increases the year over for both iOS and Android
Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu, says:

“During the Thanksgiving break, we expect to see an influx of downloads on new devices, particularly as friends and family share downtime and even their favorite apps. With nearly 20% of millennials finding new apps through friends and family, this time of the year is a key period for marketers to acquire more of the right, loyal users.”

App marketers are advised to utilise both re-marketing and re-targeting options for the coming month. Creative campaigns and the right user targeting can help reach otherwise unattainable audiences this holiday season.

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