Android overtakes iOS in mobile ad impressions, but still trails when it comes to revenue

Mobile ad impressions served on Google’s Android operating system are now more than double that of Apple’s iOS, but the iPhone still has Android beaten when it comes to revenue share. The data comes from research carried out by Opera Mediaworks, which charts ad performance on both popular mobile OS’s since late 2011.
The data illustrates Android’s impressive gains over the past few years. In Q4 2011, Android had a 26% share of mobile ad impressions, way behind iOS’s 48%. A year later, Android had risen to 30%, while iOS dropped to 41%. In Q4 2013, Android really began to gain traction, taking 37% of the ad impressions, and quickly closing in on Apple’s 43%.
Data showing Android and iOS mobile ad impression and revenue share
The picture painted during the final quarter of 2014 is very different. Android now takes a little over 62% of the total mobile ad impressions, while Apple’s iOS has fallen to 27%. Other research, collated by eMarketer, shows Android’s share of mobile Internet traffic went from 14% in 2011 to nearly 46% by the end of 2014.
While Apple’s fall in ad impressions may look drastic, it hasn’t negatively affected revenues. During the final quarter of 2014, it took 51% of the total share, while Android trailed with 41%. Apple has kept its revenue share steadily above 50% since the end of 2012, and while Android has risen during the same time, it has taken revenue away from other sources, rather than Apple.
According to eMarketer, the global mobile ad market will be worth $64b in 2015, and potentially reach $158b by 2018. You can learn more about Opera Mediaworks, on whose data this research is based, by visiting its company profile here.

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