Adoption rate of Apple’s Focus and Live Activities rises to 56% as users prioritise digital wellbeing

Anne Freer | September 18, 2023

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More and more people around the world care about their digital well-being. One out of every four consumers is using apps to reduce how much time they spend on screens or to avoid annoying interruptions. That’s according to new research shared by Airship.

Digital wellbeing

While users are looking to reduce the time they spend online, ever more folks are turning to Apple’s Focus and Live Activities features – tools that help them stay focused on important information and apps during different parts of their day, all while minimising distractions.

Since it was introduced in September 2021, 56% of iPhone users have used Apple’s Focus feature to choose which apps, people, and notifications can get through to them at different times of the day. Among those who haven’t used Focus, 42% are unaware of it, and 29% feel they don’t get interrupted enough to need it.

Surprisingly, 41% of respondents have already tried Live Activities with their apps, while 35% haven’t and only 24% remain unaware of this new feature. What’s worth noting is that global consumers seem quite pleased with Live Activities, with 62% of users who’ve tried it rating their experience as “Good” or “Exceptional,” and only 6% rating it as “Poor” or “Bad.”

Why people continue to use apps

Source: Airship

“It’s no surprise that Apple is looking to double down on the success of Live Activities with new updates that will transform the lock screen into something that closely resembles a remote control for your life,” said Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Airship. “Now more than ever, brands can gain front-and-centre visibility by simplifying customers’ lives and saving them time – rather than commanding or demanding their attention. That’s key to unlocking a valuable new era of customer experience.”  

Convenience is still king

Consumers are downloading more apps than ever, and what keeps them using these apps might surprise brands. While brands may expect consumers to be drawn by deals or loyalty rewards, the key reasons for continued app use are actually about ease and convenience. Most users rely on apps because they find them easy to use (35%) and because they simplify their lives (31%). This desire for convenience and efficiency is far more significant than other reasons. “Saves me time” (27%) comes in third place among 11,000 global respondents.

But even in our uncertain economy, convenience remains king. However, “saves me money with the best deals” ranks as the fourth most important reason for using apps (23%). Deals, rewards, and targeted offers have also seen significant growth as reasons for opting into notifications from mobile apps, as we’ll discuss later.

Ease of use and convenience are primary motivations

Source: Airship

Convenience and efficiency are important to all age groups. “Ease of use” was the top factor for app usage among all generations, and it’s particularly noteworthy that 43% of boomers ranked it as their top factor. The second-highest factor for boomers was “saves me time,” whereas for other generations, it was “simplifies my life.”

From onboarding customers to getting them to come back for more, it’s crucial to build an app experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate, while delivering value. The app experience should make an otherwise time-consuming and laborious task be as simple as clicking a button — and feel intuitive and effortless too.

Key takeaways

  • 25% of consumers prioritize digital wellbeing, using apps like Apple’s Focus and Live Activities
  • 66% value app ease of use and simplification of life, while 27% use apps for time-saving
  • 23% consider saving money with deals a key app benefit, showing its importance

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