A look at Gen Z mobile behaviours – 64% of mobile users are always connected

Anne Freer | June 19, 2019

Mobile Advertising

The majority of Gen Z smartphone users (64%) say they are constantly connected online with 57% admitting that they feel insecure without their mobile phone.

That’s according to a new report from Snapchat examining user behaviours and key differences between Gen Z and millennials.

Gen Z spend an average 4 hours and 15 minutes per day on mobile with 95% of them owning a smartphone. 78% of them consider their mobile devices their most important device to go online compared to 74% of millennials. However, multi-device usage tends to be common among all generations and marketers and brands should adapt strategies that consider various screens equally.

Compared to 2015, Gen Z are now spending 1.13 minutes more on their mobile devices. Among the most common activities online they visit social networks, use messaging apps, watch videos and use search engines.

Gen Z are 36% more likely than the average to watch a vlog and 26% more likely to use streaming services on mobile.

As privacy concerns have become a growing concern among generations, 60% of Gen Z users have previously used a private browsing window. 52% are also using an ad blocker and 50% have deleted cookies.

Among the main reasons for using ad blockers are too many ads (49%), irrelevant ads (48%), intrusive ads (45%) and ads taking up too much screen space (40%).

Interestingly, mobile (43%) was preferred to view streaming services such as Netflix compared to TV (27%) among the younger generations.

Social networking apps still dominate, followed by messengers, music and shopping apps.

Both millennials and Gen Z have strong entrepreneurial ambitions with the majority of them looking to achieve more in life and seeking challenges. Another 65% of both cohorts are also career-oriented.

However, millennials tend to be slightly more business-oriented (31%) than Gen Z (29%).

When it comes to self-perception, 79% of Gen Z believe it is important to develop new skills through life whilst 77% are seizing opportunities and 74% believe we should strive for equality.

Around 2 in 5 admit to being easily influenced by other people’s opinions – 17% higher than the global average. Respect among their peers is a big part of their identity with 73% having the need to feel respected.

The always-on generation is spending much time consuming music (69%), films (61%) and food/drink (58%). Gen Z also tend to be more interested in gaming, modern art and extreme sports than millennials. However, millennials outscore Gen Z for local issues, gardening and gambling.

The two generations share similar opinions when it comes to technology, with the majority believing that there is too much choice online. More than 60% are also concerned about the Internet eroding their personal privacy.

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