Today, mobile marketers are facing continued challenges due to privacy-based changes on Apple, and soon on Android, as well as economic uncertainties. The marketing tactics that worked before and during peak COVID, aren’t delivering the same performance.

This calls for a different game plan.
That’s why now is the time to diversify ad spend in order to optimize performance across channels.

Not long ago, companies gave their marketing budgets to Google or Facebook and watched the cash register ring. But in 2023, that’s just not working anymore. Sure, Google and Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp, still deliver conversions for Creative Clicks’ clients. That’s why we work with these platforms. But at Creative Clicks, we develop broader and more diversified marketing programs to optimize advertising KPIs and achieve maximum Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Start with direct mobile inventory procured programmatically

Mobile performance media has slowly risen in CPIs from the early pandemic era to now. The loss in deterministic data from attribution partners has made performance marketers shift and reassess how they drive user growth for their Apps. The “Spray & Pray” strategy from the early 2000s will not survive now that users have more control over the ads that they are willing to see. Therefore, marketers must adapt to the current environment, and optimize their campaigns based on additional mediums.

Fortunately, Creative Clicks has a Mobile Performance division that has not only survived the last decade but in fact, thrived under the circumstances. With a blend of strategies, we believe that success comes when you approach each campaign separately but prioritize transparency and data analytics. We offer our clients the largest network of worldwide mobile publishers, coveted first-party data, a proprietary buying & tracking ads platform that is certified with all major MMPs and a managed service team willing to put in the extra work, so you don’t have to.

Lead generation through a multi-channel approach

At the end of the day, every marketer is seeking leads that convert into revenue. That’s why we begin planning client ad campaigns by analyzing the market and recommending the channels that will deliver leads that convert. Based on Creative Clicks’ 14 years of digital marketing experience through multiple industry and economic cycles across a broad range of verticals, we’re able to find the channels and ad units that deliver leads at optimized costs.

Benefit from first-party data on our owned and operated media

Given the current privacy challenges around first-party data, one of the cornerstones of Creative Clicks’ lead generation offering are the company’s owned and operated media channels. Because we own this media, our clients benefit from access to first-party data as well as years of experience delivering qualified leads across a broad range of content verticals.

Focus on the social channels that deliver performance for each marketer

Though Creative Clicks works extensively with Google and Meta platforms, we run campaigns on all of the platforms. Why? Because different platforms deliver optimal performance for different marketers. For example, though we don’t run campaigns daily on Pinterest, we have achieved strong KPIs for select clients on this platform.

For Creative Clicks, TikTok has been a strong channel over the last 18 months. Because of our understanding of TikTok, our internal creative studio is able to create videos for clients that have been some of our strongest-performing videos on this platform. Our internal teams can deliver strong performance, as we do on TikTok, because we engage with all of the platforms, both as active users and as marketers.

With their broad range of ad solutions and units, Creative Clicks works closely with Google and Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms. Based on our extensive experience, we find the optimal ad units from these market leaders that deliver performance at scale for each marketer.

Audio, influencers, in-game and mobile-first ads that drive performance

In addition to being specialists in all of the platforms, Creative Clicks develops campaigns with audio ads including podcasts, influencers, in-game ads, push notifications and other mobile-first ad units which achieve customer KPIs.

And by integrating the leading platforms as part of a broader campaign, including lead generation and/or owned and operated media as well as other channels, Creative Clicks will be able to deliver performance within your budget, even in 2023.

So if you’re looking for a marketing partner that can enable optimizing performance and achieving your KPI goals in 2023, reach out to Creative Clicks today.