Push notifications have become a key tool in the arsenal of digital marketers and businesses for re-engaging users and keeping user retention high. It’s estimated that push notifications can boost app engagement by up to 88%. But besides keeping users hooked, push notifications can also play a key role in making money from your user base and increasing your ROI.

What is push monetization?

Simply put, push monetization is all about making money from your audience, especially those who subscribe to your push notifications. The trick is to weave ads into your push notifications. Sounds intrusive? Well, it can actually be quite user-friendly when handled by the right service.

Here’s how push monetization works with Notix:

  • Notix’s monetization is a feature that you can switch on or off as needed.
  • When you switch on monetization, your subscribers begin to receive push notifications peppered with ads from Notix’s partners.
  • Your subscribers keep getting your usual push notifications but will also get ad push notifications separately.
  • When your subscribers interact with these ads, you earn money.
  • And the best part? All the cool features of the Notix monetization feature come for free.

So the idea is simple: add a new way to make money while keeping up good engagement with your audience without adding complexity to your work process.

Who can benefit from push monetization?

Push monetization is not just for a specific niche. It can benefit a range of industries.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer focused on driving sales, an online business aiming to provide personalized recommendations, a website owner striving for enhanced user engagement, or an app developer looking for innovative ways to improve ROI, push monetization has the potential to revolutionize your approach and significantly boost your revenue.

  • Affiliate marketers: For affiliate marketers, push notifications are a potent way to drive sales by re-engaging consumers. One of Notix’s partners, an affiliate marketer, saw their ROI jump from a meagre 0.17% to an impressive 38% when they started using push monetization.
  • Online businesses: Online businesses can use push notifications to offer personalized product recommendations, deals, and more to their customers. Think of a fitness website showing ads for sportswear or gym equipment that their audience might like. This not only keeps customers engaged but also opens up possibilities for more sales.
  • Website owners: For website owners, push notifications can be a game-changer. Take the example of Contteudo. After partnering with Notix, Contteudo collected 3.4 million subscribers in just two months, with about 100k new subscribers joining the party daily. What’s more, the number of clicks, translating to additional website visits, was growing every day. This shows how push notifications can seriously boost user engagement, create a more active audience, and ultimately lead to higher website revenue.
  • App developers: App developers can greatly up their game by putting ads in push notifications. Case in point: Applabz, a Notix partner. Applabz saw their ROI drastically increase and user retention rates improved significantly after they started using push ads and interstitials. This balanced approach between making money and keeping users engaged worked out perfectly.

Is push monetization safe for user experience?

One big worry with push monetization is it might sour the user experience. But with a thoughtful push notification provider, it’s possible to ensure your monetization strategy doesn’t get in the user’s way.

Here’s how we at Notix make sure user experience remains top-notch during push monetization:

  • Relevant ads: An AI algorithm makes sure your subscribers get ads that matter to them.
  • Control over ad categories: You can pick and choose the ad categories that vibe with your audience’s interests.
  • Control over ad frequency: You can tune the frequency of ad notifications to keep from overwhelming your subscribers.
  • Brand-safe advertisers: Notix only partners with advertisers who are brand-safe and user-friendly.

So, with Notix or similar services, push monetization doesn’t have to be a pain for the user. You remain in control over the kind and number of ads, making sure they match your audience’s tastes and patience level.

The design aims to let you make money without putting off your audience or making them less engaged.

Push monetization in a nutshell

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned. Push notifications, an essential weapon in the digital marketer’s toolkit, have evolved far beyond just driving engagement. Today, they’re an active income source thanks to the innovative strategy of push monetization.

Here are some of the key points we’ve discussed:

  • Push monetization is an ingenious way to earn additional income from your audience. By integrating ads into your push notifications, you’re effectively creating a new revenue stream.
  • The process can be quite user-friendly when managed by the right service. Notix, for instance, offers a voluntary monetization feature that infuses ads from its partners into your push notifications.
  • Crucially, services like Notix prioritize user experience during push monetization. They use AI algorithms to deliver only the most relevant ads to your audience and give you control over ad categories and frequency.
  • Push monetization isn’t confined to a specific niche. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, an online business, a website owner, or an app developer, this strategy can revolutionize your operations and significantly boost your ROI.

In essence, push monetization merges the dual benefits of enhancing user retention and increasing revenue. It’s a robust approach that offers tangible gains regardless of your industry or business model.

Pushing forward with monetization

Notix offers the ideal balance of user-friendly ad delivery and user experience, making it an excellent choice for your push monetization journey.

Remember, the real-world benefits of push monetization are clear and they are here. Increased ROI, user retention, and a brand-new stream of revenue are all within your grasp. If you’re an affiliate marketer, an online business, a website owner, or an app developer, it’s time to leverage the full power of push monetization.

Start your journey with Notix today and discover the difference push monetization can make for your business.