Getting people to engage with your brand online can be a real challenge. One powerful tool in your toolkit is push notifications – those little alerts that pop up on your users’ screens. But how do you make sure people actually click on your notifications? This is where factors like the content of your message, the images you use, when you send the alert, how many you send, and who you send them to really matter.

But even if you’re ticking all these boxes, there’s more you can do. Comparing your results to what’s average for your industry and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends can help you fine-tune your strategy.

The analytics team at Notix provided on the general tendencies in digital advertising. The data, presented as infographics, can pave the way for strategic improvement. Read on to find out how you can unlock new ways to boost your CTRs.

Push notifications CTR by industry

Source: Notix

News and media websites tend to send clickbait alerts that attract people by looking very urgent. Adopting such practices in other niches can help increase your CTR and user engagement.

Images and their impact on CTR

Source: Notix

Images matter in push notifications for most niches. What is more, adding a big-sized image to your push notification may boost CTR by 2-3%.

How does timing influence push notifications CTR?

eCommerce and Software

Source: Notix

Finance and News & Media

Source: Notix

CTR of push notifications by demographics

Source: Notix

Additional targeting by demographics combined with the right timing can also boost your CTR.

Push notification CTR by time of the day

Source: Notix

Mornings are the best time to send push notifications because users turn on their devices and receive all new messages as well as those sent the previous night.

How does push notification frequency influence CTR?

Source: Notix

Too many notifications can decrease CTR as users will start ignoring them or won’t have time to open them all. Three messages per day is the maximum for most industries, as stats show.

Emojis, testing, word count

Source: Notix

Adding emojis is one of the easiest ways to boost your CTR.

The infographics above give you some key pointers on how to improve your push notifications. They tell you the best times to send notifications, how many words work best, and how many notifications you should send in a day to avoid annoying your users.

You’ll also find some simple but clever tips – like using emojis or performing A/B testing – that can make a big difference to your click-through rates. With these insights, marketers can take their audience engagement to the next level.