There was a time in marketing when advertising was all about showing your prospects how awesome your product was. Those were the days! But now the number of businesses has rocketed, the competition has gotten fiercer, and users are overloaded with information. These days marketing is not just about listing advantages, it’s a marriage of fresh ideas and well thought-out strategies.

However, brands often lack a part of this union: either the idea is quite weak, or the strategy doesn’t hold up to any criticism. So, what can they do? They can partner up with us. Constant research of the market powered by years of experience in the industry allows us to overcome advertising challenges. We help companies identify their objectives, the problems they may encounter, and the best-working tactics specifically for their situation. Today we’re going to share some of the cases where we helped brands succeed with the following tactics:

Rigorous targeting drives more users

Performance measurement
A popular world-wide cross-platform puzzle game with a dual revenue path (purchases and ads) demanded an effective marketing strategy to keep making profit. The company faced two major obstacles. Firstly, a great number of channels made it difficult to measure which marketing techniques were actually working. Secondly, deciding which metrics to use for tracking the performance was essential.

Targeting new audiences
Since there’s always an idea behind impactful marketing, we provided the company with eye-catching holiday-themed creatives. Also, with all user event data, Fiksu’s algorithms successfully optimized the marketing strategy. With Personas by Fiksu, the company saw a significant surge in the number of new users after targeting gen x and baby boomer females, as well as players of other games in this niche.

ROI through the roof
As a consequence, the company enjoyed the fruit of its newly implemented approaches to digital advertising. The tutorial completion rate (a key engagement metric) increased by 20%. The number of users who made a purchase in the app rocketed by 135%. And as for ROI, this increased by nearly 30%.

Reducing marketing costs even with the specific TA

Mission possible: #1 in AppStore
Another company that managed to reach its goals with Fiksu was the creator of the health support app. The main objectives the company had were to improve enrollment and organics with AppStore ranking and to gather a loyal user base of payers for doctor’s visits. In order to accomplish these goals, the company needed to create flexible marketing strategies, come up with a way to scale its user base, reduce the cost of user acquisition, and maintain sustainable growth within the medical industry compliance rules.

Gathering those who care
First of all, as the app offered by the company is quite niche with a very specific target audience, Fiksu’s data sets delivered ads to the right users, mostly on Facebook. This was achieved mainly by creating lookalike audiences that have the same interests as existing users. Also, with the help of Fiksu’s programmatic research tool, the company successfully managed to target users on Twitter, RTB, and video networks. And finally, one of the main constituents of the success was the optimized system offered by Fiksu, which helped reduce the cost per unique visit by almost 65%.

More users at a lower cost
Fiksu’s solutions that the company implemented into their marketing activities helped the company reach some significant achievements. The app got 15 times more registrations per week than previously. The overall cost per registration was reduced by 80%. Also, the company’s app was ranked #1 in the Medical category.

A successful launch of a digital product by a retail company

Moving ads from web to mobile
The third company we’re going to take a look at is a sportswear company with a newly launched app. The problem the company encountered was delivering this digital product to the right users. The business needed to significantly broaden the user base, effectively invest in multiple channels of mobile advertising, and make sure the cost per impression didn’t exceed the established limits.

Additionally, the sportswear company struggled with the shift from web to mobile-based advertising. Also, it was important to help target audiences self-identify themselves. And lastly, it was necessary to make sure that performance increased by acquiring only the right users.

“Like attracts like”
The first key tool that helped the brand to find users for its app was Fiksu Personas, which made sure the money was spent only on relevant users. Then, the company delivered ads to runners across various channels using multiple formats. The Fiksu SDK was included in the app to guarantee a better understanding of existing users. Later, with constantly updated SDK data, the company targeted the lookalike audiences.

Lookalike’s power unleashed
As a result, the number of quality users grew exponentially. The right targeting drove the registration rate up by 130%. As for the cost, not once was CPI higher than the industry’s benchmarks. The major contributor to this success was Fiksu lookalike audiences.

How to make sure your mobile ad is working

Today it’s not easy to ensure that brand marketing is effective. Clearly identified objectives and tactics to achieve them are halfway to success. But tools, as well as an in-depth understanding of how to leverage them, are important too. And this is what companies often have difficulties with. To resolve the issue, brands need partners that have the expertise and techniques required to help them achieve their objectives. Visit Fiksu to learn more about how to achieve your goals efficiently.