The collaboration between Gamelight and SuperPlay was initiated in 2022 and is still ongoing today. The case study showcases highlighted results that were achieved together on SuperPlays’ popular titles Dice Dreams and Domino Dreams, where SuperPlay allocated a daily ad spend budget of $500,000.

Data-driven user acquisition strategy

By analyzing data from 2 million users across 11 countries, Gamelight’s algorithm could better understand user preferences and tailor marketing strategies accordingly. This data-centric approach allowed for precision in targeting and is a key factor in how the campaign delivers impressive results.

The partnership involved a daily ad spend of $500,000 for SuperPlay to enhance their current and new user base in various markets, including the US, Germany, the UK, France, Japan, and beyond.

SuperPlay UA & RT Lead on the collaboration with Gamelight

Source: Gamelight

Highlighted ROAS and ARPU results

The case study reveals that working with Gamelight resulted in a direct impact on revenues and ARPU that Dice Dreams generates, earning 38% more per user after 30 days compared to other advertising methods with other media sources. SuperPlay saw its investments pay off, by reaching 100% ROAS profitability on fully matured cohorts.

With the use of Gamelight’s platform, the game’s earnings and user revenue on app stores increased by 15%, boosting its visibility and rankings. This approach significantly enhanced their financial outcomes and market presence.

Growth trajectory and user engagement

The case study outlines a growth trajectory for Dice Dreams, with Gamelight’s targeted strategies leading to significant increases in ROAS growth rates. Specifically, the game saw ROAS growth rates of +212% at D30, +387% at D90, and an impressive +508% at D180. These figures not only showcase the effectiveness of the approach but also illustrate the long-term value and engagement that have been fostered among users.

ROAS growth rates

Source: Gamelight

Enhancing game performance and market position

Gamelight’s predictive analytics played a crucial role in identifying users with high potential Lifetime Value (LTV) for Dice Dreams, the case study shows. This insight allowed for precise targeting and optimisation, improving the game’s store rankings by 48 positions in the Free Games (US) store charts. Such achievements underscore the impact of leveraging advanced AI and analytics in-game marketing and user acquisition. The partnership’s success was further supported by these operational strategies:

  • Endless event postback window
  • 38 various in-game events
  • Dynamic events fired at each level pass
  • High budget caps to scale

Creating engagement through themed events

The case study showcases how the partnership capitalized on themed seasonal events to boost user engagement and revenue. Special events for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day led to a 32% revenue boost and a 24% increase in user activation. These events demonstrate the effective integration of in-game activities with promotional strategies, enhancing user experience and loyalty.

It’s own success: Domino Dreams

Domino Dreams, SuperPlay’s newest game, shares the same creative universe as Dice Dreams but stands on its own. The case study shows that Gamelight played a crucial role in promoting Domino Dreams, driving more installations for the game than all other promotional sources combined. It also shows that Gamelight not only improved the game’s visibility in app stores but also contributed to its organic growth.

SuperPlay CEO on the collaboration with Gamelight

Source: Gamelight

Ensuring high-quality users

To ensure the integrity and quality of user engagement, a four-layered fraud prevention strategy was implemented. This approach has resulted in a low fraud suspicion rate, under 0.5% across all fraud categories, as reported by mobile measurement partners (MMPs). The layers of this strategy include: Gamelight’s self-published apps leverage the Singular Fraud Prevention Suite to proactively block suspicious users, ensuring that only legitimate users engage with the content.

Additionally, Gamelight’s Fraud Prevention Solution is a mandatory checkpoint for all users before they receive game recommendations. On SuperPlay’s end, AppsFlyer’s Protect360 is employed to analyze every click and install, with Scalarr providing an additional layer of validation to meet all security and quality standards. This multi-tiered approach underscores the commitment to delivering high-quality, trustworthy user interactions.


Source: AppsFlyer


The case study shows that the collaboration between SuperPlay and Gamelight has delivered tangible results, significantly boosting Dice Dreams’ ARPU by 38% and achieving over 100% ROAS profitability.

Their strategic investment and data-driven approach, utilizing insights from 2 million users across 11 countries, have not only enhanced user acquisition and engagement but also propelled Dice Dreams up by 48 positions in the Free Games (US) app store rankings. As well as being able to deliver more installs to Domino Dreams than all other media sources combined.

This case study exemplifies how targeted strategies and substantial investment can translate into measurable success in the mobile gaming sector.