In the newest episode of the Mastering Mobile Marketing series (S3:Ep2), Joe D’Souza, Paid UA Specialist at Yodel Mobile, talks through how to decrease costs and increase results in your paid user acquisition strategies. Joe runs through the foundational building blocks for a paid user acquisition campaign, how to effectively scale your campaigns, and how to test new channels.

The most important Paid UA advice

There is no one secret, it is just important to be efficient across all your campaigns and conducting incremental changes. It may not seem like much at the time but all these incremental changes across various areas, they do add up and they do make that bigger impact across your business over time.

Paid User Acquisition tips and mistakes to avoid

One key mistake a lot of people make is when measuring a creative is that they use cost to measure the impact, which doesn’t necessarily give you the right answer of how well a creative is doing. CPM (Cost Per Thousand) varies across different targeting campaigns that you’re running, and that means the Cost Per Install (CPI), or Cost Per Registration (CPR), for creatives is going to vary a lot. Ultimately, you want to look at how many people are clicking on your ad and how many are installing from your ad. Those are key metrics to keep an eye on when you are running these campaigns, it’s not just the Cost Per Install.

Incorporating creative into your Paid UA strategy

Creatives are such a key element of all your campaigns that you’re running, try not to just adjust the same creative that you’re running on Facebook and run it on TikTok. Every platform has its unique way of reaching the user and this rings true for Facebook and TikTok in particular. TikTok ads, for example, need to be a lot more native. They need to engage with the user and show them that you’re part of the community, just running a standard ad won’t work. So whatever platform or audience you’re running campaigns for, be specific about your creative and how to reach them.

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