Due to the gradual opening of China’s international borders, a promising revival in domestic tourism is on the horizon. This presents a golden opportunity for marketers to target a vast and expanding group of previously untapped consumers. This potential has not gone unnoticed – nearly one in four European companies is already looking to expand their businesses in China.

Trades between China and Europe were reported reaching USD 250.3 billion in January 2023, indicating a significant year-on-year increase of 42%. As companies and business increasingly embrace advertising options to achieve business growth, ads revenues are expected to follow a similar upward trajectory.

To engage with Chinese travellers, marketers are seeking effective means to establish meaningful connections. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the audience, along with data analytics and smart capabilities to effectively deliver ads to the intended demographic.

Advertising platforms like Petal Ads, powered by Huawei Technologies, offer access to valuable insights into the habits and preferences of the Chinese audience. The platform follows up with personalised advertising strategies to effectively reach and engage the desired consumer segment.

Reaching a wide audience in a personalized manner

It’s not enough to simply design and deliver ads – marketers are on a mission to engage consumers in a personalized manner, aiming to forge brand loyalty through authentic connections.

With over 500 million active users within China alone, and more globally, Petal Ads can connect marketers with a wide variety of audiences. Using Huawei’s Data Management Platform (DMP), Petal Ads collates and analyses data from Huawei device users and uses a system of user tags to help intelligently identify a specific target audience. These user tags focus on demographic characteristics and provide comprehensive insights on education, occupation, income, and other behavioural habits. With 130 million high-end flagship Huawei smartphone users within China, Petal Ads is well placed to connect with China audience on luxury and travel effectively.

By properly identifying and understanding the Chinese audience, Petal Ads can customise messages for each different audience group that resonates well with their habits and preferences. This approach allows marketers to cut through the noise accurately and minimise wasted efforts.

For instance, understanding your target audience’s travel preferences, such as independent or group travel, and their travel planning habits is crucial in the next step of developing your travel marketing campaign. With Chinese travellers becoming increasingly reliant on smartphones for travel planning, booking and exploration, Petal Ads’ advanced mobile advertising solutions enable brands to reach these digital natives and provide customised, location-based, and contextually relevant content that grabs their attention.

“Petal Ads goal goes beyond simply designing and delivering ads. We strive to engage consumers on a personal level and build strong connections that ultimately lead to lasting brand loyalty,” says Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Huawei Mobile Services. “By correctly identifying the right audience, we deliver a tailored experience that resonates on an individual level.”

Understanding the behaviors of Chinese consumers

The convenience of mobile devices has shaped the way Chinese consumers make purchasing decisions. In a report by Statista, more than 33% of China’s mobile users use their smartphones to look for information on brands and other products.

A 2023 Q2 report by IDC highlighted Huawei’s impressive growth, featuring a 76.1% surge in their mobile phone market share in China. Moreover, according to Canalys, Huawei secured second place in the high-end mobile phone market share during the same period for their products priced above 3500 RMB or 450 Euros.

Moreover, Huawei boasts a remarkable 47.4% share in the foldable phone segment within the high-end smartphone space, along with over 115 million users wielding devices valued at over 800 euros. This extensive presence puts Petal Ads in a great position to effectively engage Chinese consumers across different demographics and consumer segments. Petal Ads also goes beyond mere reach, providing personalised end-to-end advertising solutions to ensure maximum visibility across channels and touchpoints throughout the Huawei ecosystem.

“Petal Ads provides brands with an effective reach and engagements with Chinese consumers. Our platform not only provides access to a diverse demographic but enables on-device personalized advertising solutions that will ensure visibility,” added Jaime.

Unlocking the Chinese tourism market with Petal Ads

How can Petal Ads help? The platform provides end-to-end support, from strategy to implementation, with a dedicated team based in Europe. This includes the initial planning stages to have comprehensive consultations to map out the needs and objectives of the campaign. It follows through then with full support for production, and setting up the best “Go-to-China” solution based on campaign needs. Finally, launching the campaign and measuring success, having deep analysis and insights to optimise the campaign. By staying at the forefront of advertising techniques, Petal Ads aims to empower marketers with the tools to thrive in the rapidly evolving advertising arena. 

Furthermore, Huawei’s diverse device portfolio has seen expansive growth through its 1+8+N strategy since 2020. This strategy, powered by the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem, revolves around a smartphone as the central gateway, complemented by 8 common devices like tablets, PCs, wearables, and more. This interconnected ecosystem places Petal Ads in an ideal position to effectively engage and captivate the vast Chinese consumer base.