Disclosing your application is essential, as well as leaving it in a good position in the app store. In this article, you will learn how to do marketing for Startup Apps!

Since the launch of the iOS and Android operating systems, the application market has gained a new dimension.

Over time, the processing power of tablets and smartphones has increased more and more, and the technology available to create applications is increasingly powerful and interesting.

Therefore, if you want to distract yourself with an adventure game or perform banking operations, you only have to use a specific app. But, from the perspective of the companies, that also generates incredible market opportunities.

Companies from all over the world – and not just technology ones – started using applications as a way to increase their sales and their customers.

To face the competition and get ahead you need to invest in the marketing app. Curious? So, know what that is and how to get success with your applications!

What is the app marketing?

App marketing is, basically, a plan made to attract people to an application and have them download it.

But that does not end like this! The marketing of an app is also made to ensure that users do not forget the applications after using it once or twice and exclude them from their device.

On the contrary, the idea is that the app is a definitive channel of interaction and generation of value.

After so many quality options available in the app stores, it is necessary to capture the attention of the users. If not, they will look for another solution.

The marketing of an app is a way to prevent this constant change from happening and for your users to become fans and even recommend the app to others.

Why is Marketing Important for the Success of an App?

Marketing has a fundamental role in the success of any business. Today, many apps have become real businesses, or at least, substantial sources of income for companies that use them.

Before launching your app, marketing is very important for it. There are many ways to create expectations and achieve a user base from the launch.

If the app depends on many people to become relevant, that is even more important. To think that it is enough to create it and those users are going to emerge is a legend. You’ll have to have a good pre-launch marketing campaign.

6 tips to have a marketing champion app

Not only is the planning of a winning marketing app made from the tools, okay? Therefore, now it is the time to learn some practical tips, which can help you save work and improve your performance in the promotion of your Mobile Startup App.

It is recommended that you do the following to follow the best practices of app marketing and achieve incredible results:

Use introductory videos

On the description page of your app or your website, putting an introductory video that demonstrates how it works or how it is proposed to solve certain problems is an excellent way to stimulate users.

According to Adobe data, 40% of users consider that the videos increase the opportunities for them to buy a product. So, why not invest in videos to spread your app?

Put your life on Onboarding

It is true that Onboarding only happens with those who have already downloaded your application, but remember that the goal is to make the user continue with it as much as possible?

Onboarding helps exactly that. One of the reasons why many people delete an application in a short time is because they do not see it as a long-term solution but as something of the moment.

Show users everything they can earn with your app from the first interaction, and their chances of success will be much greater.

Make your application easy to meet

Beyond the organic search in app stores, there are many other ways for someone to get in touch with an application and decide to download it. To mention a few:

  • Recommendations from friends and family;
  • Sponsored links in search mechanisms;
  • Reviews of apps on blogs, web pages, and YouTube channels;
  • Direct contact with the product through a blog of its own and profiles on social networks.

It has the Help of Influencers

There are influencers in all the niches. Therefore, if you still do not know the people who have the special power to convince the public you are looking to attract, you have to discover it as soon as possible.

And that does not mean they are YouTubers or celebrities, but respected people in the market sector in which your app works.

The ASO works well

ASO, also known as SEO for Apps, refers to the optimization for searches made in app stores.

The ASO also considers a number of factors that are under your control, but also some that are not, as well as the so-called On page and Off Page elements of traditional SEO.

Focus on experience, not functionalities

The great majority of the creators of applications start a cruel war for the attention of the users, that is, they only care about offering more features than their competitors.

Many times, what users ask is not what they need, yet the developers include it.

Instead of playing that game in which everyone loses, invest in spreading the experience of using your application. But how?

Show how your app solves the problem for which it was developed better than any other of the competition. That will be the best way to stand out from the crowd, be it in app stores or other areas.

Investing in applications can give your company excellent performance, and the marketing app is indispensable for that. You’ll have to adapt to the characteristics of that market, but it’s worth it to win an exclusive channel on the mobile or tablet of each fan and potential customers of your brand.

The essential part to start an app is to create quality content.

Taking advantage of the space, know about the applications that will help you in your marketing routine!