An influencer marketing platform is a tool, an IT solution for brands, agencies, and solo marketers who work with influencers. It doesn’t matter whether your company is experienced in influencer marketing or not: in any case, you need an efficient tool to understand the field better, learn the market faster, and also save time and human resources.

There are a few main problems marketers and brands usually face when starting an influencer marketing campaign. These are the most common questions:

  • How to find relevant influencers for the campaign?
  • How to analyze influencers’ content quality?
  • How to analyze influencers’ activity on their platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, etc.)?
  • How to calculate the fair cost of an influencer’s services?
  • How to calculate the overall budget for the campaign?

A software solution for influencer marketing helps answer all of these questions and solve all the associated issues quickly and effectively. Today, you’re going to see BuzzGuru‘s influencer marketing platforms at work.

Discovering relevant influencers for promoting your product

Any influencer marketing campaign is strongly dependent on your target audience. It’s the first step, the main preparation for the work: you have to make a clear portrait of a person who you want to target.

Where do they live? How old are they? What content do they like to consume?

For example, you want to get the attention (and the money) of young German gamers as your product is an action video game made for youngsters, and for now, ite’s only available in German. You know that the gaming community is strong on YouTube and Twitch, so these platforms are perfect for your product promotion.

Influencer platform allows to find influencers with audiences that are the closest to what you are looking for using filters:

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (1)

Source: BuzzGuru

It’s not necessary to fill in all the fields, but the more of them you have available on the platform and use, the more relevant influencers you see on the final list.

When getting a list with specific criteria applied, you should save it for further work or download/print it out for your colleagues. BuzzGuru allows you to do so; it also helps you create and save an unlimited number of lists. You will always have access to your lists, even if you change your subscription plan.

With no such software, one has to search YouTube (or any other platform) and make lists manually. It takes a lot of time and effort, and the result may turn out to have lots of mistakes in the end as it’s complicated to gather all the right information manually. The BuzzGuru marketing intelligence has all the data needed to provide you with lists of highly relevant influencers.

Also, you can double-check if the influencer’s content fits your expectations: the platform shows all the categories and top tags for every influencer.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (2)

Source: BuzzGuru

What about promotion? You may need to see what brands were mentioned in the influencer’s videos and how often.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (3)

Source: BuzzGuru

This helps you analyze whether your competitors succeeded in cooperating with the influencer.

Find out if the influencer is really worth your attention

Everyone is used to looking at the number of subscribers to evaluate an influencer’s weight and how much they actually can influence the audience. But there is actually data that is more important, as the subscribers can be fake or simply not interested in the influencer’s content.

Influencer marketing platforms such as BuzzGuru show other parameters, such as the number of views and comments, likes/dislikes ratio, and the overall engagement rate.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (4)

Source: BuzzGuru

You can also see how the latest videos performed, or choose any influencer’s video to check. You may need to pay special attention to the videos where the influencer promotes your competitors’ products.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (5)

Source: BuzzGuru

Analyzing the influencer’s activity

Of course, you want someone active, stable, and reliable to promote your product, so you need an influencer marketing platform to evaluate influencers’ activity. BuzzGuru Analytics shows you when an influencer uploads their videos, how often they do so, and what day of the week is the best to capture their audience’s attention.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (6)

Source: BuzzGuru

Some influencers have a strict schedule for uploading, then there’s no need to push and insist that they post a video with your ad on some specific day that falls out of the schedule. It’s better to be flexible and discuss the best day in the schedule with the influencer themselves while also using data from the influencer marketing platform.

We also recommend seeing how the audience reacts to the influencer’s activity. The marketing AI shows and even forecasts how the numbers of views and subscribers change with each new video.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (7)

Source: BuzzGuru

How much to pay the influencer?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that most influencers overcharge and name inflated prices during early negotiations. Yes, you can and should bargain, but you have to do it wisely. Data and facts are your most effective weapon.

The price strongly depends on CPM. CPM varies from country to country, from category to category, etc. For example, it is higher in France than in India, in the technologies category than in entertainment, etc. The more solvent the influencer’s audience is, the higher the CPM is, the more expensive their services are. The number of views the video with your ad gets also has a great impact on the final cost.

To predict this number, see how successful an influencer’s videos are. We recommend not to consider the videos with uncharacteristically high numbers: such viral content is rare, not average.

BuzzGuru Analytics calculates the possible cost for you.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (8)

Source: BuzzGuru

Don’t forget to track the influencer’s performance carefully. Simple math will help you calculate CTR (click-through rate) and CPC (cost per click rate).

Setting a budget for the campaign and analyzing competitors

BuzzGuru is the only influencer marketing platform that provides you with data on your competitor’s campaigns and their budgets. You can choose to search for applications, sites, or specific games.

You can see the overview and learn about the specifics of their previous campaigns.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (9)

Source: BuzzGuru

When launching an ad campaign in a new region, it is vital to see whether your competitor is interested in it as well. BuzzGuru shows influencers from what countries get the most requests from your competitor’s brand.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (10)

Source: BuzzGuru

The mention calendar also helps you to understand which day of the week can be the best for your affiliated influencers to upload their ad videos based on your competitor’s ad performance.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (11)

Source: BuzzGuru

The marketing AI also suggests you pay attention to some categories of content you may not have considered before. If your competitor spends lots of money on a particular category, it may show greater results than you previoisly thought.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (12)

Source: BuzzGuru

Still not sure what influencers to work with? Your competitor has already decided on that and BuzzGuru Analytics shows it. Maybe you should consider the same channels.

Screenshot of BuzzGuru’s Platform (13)


Source: BuzzGuru

All this helps you manage your ad campaign wisely as well as set the budget.