‘Tis the season for joy – and, heightened competition among mobile marketers to secure a substantial portion of their annual revenue. As 70% of consumers gear up to primarily shop on their phones, the battleground is set.

Amidst this festive frenzy, there’s a standout gift that app marketers can confidently rely on: partnerships. These industry collaborations offer countless benefits and hold the key to amplifying holiday profits.

So, why are partnerships the gift that keeps on giving? Let’s unwrap this invaluable present.

Top App Marketing Trends This Holiday Season

First, let’s explore the latest app marketing trends that are shaping the holiday shopping landscape:

  • Multi-Channel ShoppingUsers explore an average of six channels per shopping journey. Bridge the offline-online gap by understanding your users across in-store, website, and in-app experiences. Let data be your guide.
  • Influencers & Content Creators  – With over a billion users on social media, influencers and content creators will continue to sway consumer decisions during the holiday shopping spree. Leveraging their influence is crucial, considering that 50% of shoppers discover and subsequently purchase holiday gifts through social media.
  • User Data for Seamless Shopping – Focus on collecting relevant data across channels to craft personalized campaigns, respond to user interactions in real time, and enhance customer service. This ensures scalable user acquisition and swift engagement, crucial for retention.

Partnerships Shaping the App Landscape

Let’s touch base on just a few partnerships that have been growing in popularity across the app space in 2023.

  • Co-Marketing Partnerships: Apps are integrating with other platforms to improve the overall user experience. For instance, a fitness app could integrate with a nutrition app, creating a holistic health and wellness ecosystem that benefits both partners and users.
  • UGC Partnerships: Apps are joining forces with content creators and micro-influencers, leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC) to spotlight their value and engage specific niche audiences. This strategic alliance fuels organic growth and user loyalty.
  • Sponsorship Partnerships: Elevate brand recognition by exploring sponsorship partnerships with events, organizations, or individuals. Aligning your app with a cause or event opens avenues to reach fresh demographics and enhance visibility.
  • Outcome-Based Partnerships: Outcome-based marketing (OBM) often employs the cost-per-install (CPI) pricing model, where marketers pay only for performance – for example, when a qualified user installs and opens their app. We at Perform[cb] offer diverse range of campaign types for marketers to test using an outcome-based strategy, such as display, social, in-app ads, ASO, search, push, retargeting, and more. Reach out to Perform[cb]’s team of OBM experts to begin scaling today.

Now, let’s explore the reasons why partnerships stand as an invaluable gift to mobile marketers during this holiday season.

Scalability, Flexibility, and Testing

The holiday season represents fluctuating demands and evolving user behaviors, where partnerships offer the scalability and flexibility often absent in traditional marketing methods.

Mobile marketers can leverage real-time data to swiftly adjust their partnership strategies, guaranteeing agility in responding to market dynamics. Whether it’s ramping up promotions on peak shopping days or pivoting to address emerging trends, app marketers have the flexibility to test their partnerships, gaining valuable insights for optimization. Discover how an outcome-based marketing (OBM) strategy opens doors to a diverse range of media opportunities and scalability.

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Diverse Targeting to Expand Reach

Collaborating with partners across various niches, demographics, and categories allows app marketers to access a wider and more diverse audience. By exploring various types of channels, such as OTT, CTV, contextual display, ASO, and influencer marketing, app marketers can broaden the scope of their programs, learn which partners deliver the highest customer lifetime value (LTV), and expand their user base to uncover new revenue streams. 

This advantage is particularly valuable during the holiday season when shoppers have diverse interests and varied gifting needs. App marketers can tailor their partnerships to align with specific holiday themes and cater to distinct user segments.

Explore further insights on recommended traffic channels to diversify your media mix in Perform[cb]’s webinar with Business of Apps. 

Utilize Consumer Insights for Data-Driven Optimizations

Partnerships offer app marketers a wealth of insights into user behavior. They can monitor traditional performance metrics like downloads, click-through rates, conversion rates, and user engagement. This comprehensive data empowers them to make well-informed, data-driven decisions, fine-tune marketing strategies, and allocate resources effectively. These insights are a key component for ensuring a successful holiday season.

Working alongside a mobile measurement partner (MMP) is prudent, allowing access to comprehensive tracking services that measure campaign performance across diverse channels. Perform[cb] is seamlessly integrated with industry-leading MMPs, including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular.

‘Tis the Season for Strategic Partnerships!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this joyful season, one gift that mobile marketers can truly count on is the power of strategic partnerships.

Ready to win the season with a team of user acquisition experts? Let’s get started.