The advent of Mobile has created a radical shift in the financial industry. That’s why Yodel Mobile has partnered with Iterable to bring you a report that enables marketers to understand the changing financial ecosystem in order to plan and adapt for the future.

The report breaks down the different sectors that have been most affected by the shift towards mobile and provide insight into the ways both traditional enterprises and emerging start-ups can stay ahead of the competition.

Learn about how:

  • Customer expectations have changed – as consumers become accustomed to instantaneously accessing multiple services from their mobile devices, there is an expectation for businesses to provide users with efficient and specifically tailored products and services.
  • Platforms have transformed into multi-service ecosystems – digital advancements have normalized the ability for users to access an interconnected set of experiences within a single app.
  • The adoption of advanced technology is becoming increasingly common – disruptive technologies are altering the industry at a rapid pace. In addition, new commercial and regulatory pressures are radically changing sector priorities and the Fintech marketplace.

You can download the report here.