Reach your target CPA by paying less for profitable traffic from Adsterra. Try fully-automated CPA Goal optimization.

Now you can have full control over your traffic conditions with Adsterra CPA Goal.

CPA Goal optimization tool is the most advanced way of hitting maximum conversions at an affordable CPM or CPC price.

Advertisers and affiliate marketers now have the ability to leverage our intelligent algorithm, which selects traffic based on their desired target eCPA or conversion count. This effectively addresses the main challenge of acquiring massive traffic by transforming quantity into quality.

Key advantages of CPA Goal for advertisers

  • Emphasis on quality – Instead of simply purchasing a large volume of impressions, you have the ability to optimize them based on crucial marketing parameters.
  • Protection against overpayment – Our algorithms carefully examine each placement that reaches the designated spending threshold, ensuring it delivers the desired number of conversions or meets the target eCPA.
  • Flexible pricing configurations – You can establish a set of rules that automatically assess traffic and prioritize the best-performing segments.
  • Automated placement unlinking – Any placement that fails to meet your predefined rules will be automatically unlinked.
  • Safeguard against unwarranted unlinking – If an ad placement reaches the spending threshold but continues to generate sufficient conversions or maintain the desired eCPA, we will retain it in your campaign. The placement will be reevaluated after a few days to ensure it still aligns with your KPIs.
  • You also have the option to reintegrate unlinked placements into your ad campaign. Further details on this topic can be found in the FAQ section located at the end of this guide.

What is the purpose of CPA Goal optimization?

CPA Goal optimization is a crucial feature for advertisers whose key performance indicator (KPI) revolves around conversions while acquiring traffic through CPM or CPC pricing models.

In the past, advertisers had to manually unlink and blacklist placements that incurred excessive costs with minimal conversions. However, with the introduction of CPA Goal, a groundbreaking tool is now available to save CPM/CPC budgets.

CPA Goal automatically unlinks placements that meet the criteria you set, whether it’s based on eCPA or the number of conversions. There is no longer a need to switch back and forth between your tracker and Adsterra to create a blacklist. Our intelligent algorithm takes care of all these tasks seamlessly.

How does it work?

CPA Goal offers the ability to purchase CPM or CPC traffic and optimize it based on two parameters: the average cost of conversion and the number of conversions. How does it work? You establish a rule for our intelligent algorithm.

To begin, you specify a critical spending threshold. Once this threshold is reached, our algorithm will evaluate each individual placement to ensure it aligns with your essential parameters:

  • Conversions
  • eCPA

CPA Goal optimization in action

Source: Adsterra

From now on, exclusively purchase traffic from the most effective placements! Simply set up a rule, and Adsterra’s CPA Goal will automatically review and unlink any placements that do not meet your KPIs.

In comparison to previous iterations of similar features in the market, CPA Goal offers a more personalized approach to traffic optimization. It goes beyond solely relying on the “target payout” criteria. Instead, the algorithm diligently examines every placement that reaches the critical spending threshold, ensuring it meets the desired conversions or eCPA.

“Earlier, you would manually remove placements that spent too much while sending very few conversions. First, that’s time-consuming. Second, that demands mastery. And finally, with tons of traffic, you could have missed the right moment for optimization and spent too much,” Gala Grigoreva, CMO at Adsterra, outlines the benefits of CPA Goal. “We’re excited we can now provide our partners with a more advanced way of improving ROI and pulling the best-matching traffic from their targeting. Here at Adsterra, we have a local motto, ‘Make great ROI your rule,’ and that’s precisely what this tool is about.”

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