How often has it happened to you that you want to identify a plant, but you cannot do it without the help of a botanist? For such situations, there are ‘Plant Identifier Apps’. These apps allow the plant-lovers to identify plants and trees quickly, without having to waste time searching for hours or asking questions to other gardeners. The ‘plant identification apps’ on the phone allow identifying plants by just clicking a picture on the smartphone. There are quite a few such apps available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, and some are paid versions as well.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best plant identifier apps, but before that let’s understand what these apps actually do and who can use these apps.

Best Plant Identifier Apps

There are millions of varieties of plants and flowers across the world and thankfully modern technology is able to retain and process the databases more widely. The plant identifier apps are your one-stop destination to get all the knowledge about plants. Here we have listed the best plant identifier apps available:


This is one of the most popular apps in this category. PictureThis app is free-to-use for the first seven days, however, if you continue using the app post seven days, it starts deducting the subscription fee as per the plan you choose. Hence, it is a paid app that is available to free for initial seven days. So if the users like to use the app in the free trial period, they can subscribe to it.

The app has information about more than 27 million plants and it can give the plant information using the photo provided by the users. The app uses Artificial Intelligence technology to find plants. PictureThis offers information like the name of the plant, how many times they need to be watered, whether they need pest control, and how to trim or remove them.


An initiative by the National Geographic Society and California Academy of Sciences, iNaturalist is an AI-powered app that helps in solving plants and wildlife issues. iNaturalist is a social network community for naturalists helping them record and share information about the plants. The app has a database, where users can drop their queries and get them answered. Essentially, iNaturalist is a social network where plant lovers, gardeners, and others share their knowledge and observations. This information helps to take care of the plants and identify diseases.

Smart Plant Home

It is an app that allows taking good care of the plants. In case something is not right with the plants, Smart Plant Home has the solution. The app offers a feature where the plant picture can be sent to the expert team to find what is wrong with the plant. After inspecting, the app offers the right solution and the technique to grow the plant. Here the assistance is offered 24×7 and all that is needed is to send the photo to experts, who will tell exactly what is to be done to improve the plant’s condition and help it flourish. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Garden Compass

This app is only available on the iOS platform and it is like a reminder friend assisting to attain the task in the garden. It also offers valuable advice and suggestions related to the plants. Garden Compass has two versions, where one is available for free with limited options and the premium version is available with unlimited options.


People who love to collect plants and take care of them will find the PlantSnap app pretty useful. It is a popular app and thus built-in 30 languages so that people from all across the globe conveniently use it. Also, it has a photo placement that enables to check of plants. The app is available in both free and premium versions, however, its premium version is said to be best for plant enthusiasts. The premium app version allows plant lovers to learn more about plants without advertisements. So far, it has it worked on 50,000 species and the broader library allows to browse more.


This is an app for plant lovers offering a wide range of pictures. This user-friendly app allows recognizing plants by sending images of them and sharing valuable plant information. PlantNet is a free-to-use app and its results are always accurate.


This app works great to identify flowers, however, it works as a service, and the process of checking flowers/plants is not free-of-cost. The app claims that the information doesn’t come from. Computer algorithms but real humans who identify plants and thus the money go in paying those people. The user has to send a flower picture and an expert will tell what it is, and each identification costs $1. The app is more useful for flowers that cannot be found in the Google search option.


Considered to be one of the best plant apps, Agrobase has an extensive database of plants, weeds, pests, and plant diseases, and works great for farmers and the like. The app also has a web app and is very useful to identify all kinds of plant life, and offers constant updates, detailed descriptions, good-quality photos, and more. The information this app offers is remarkable, however, that could be too much for casual gardeners.

What’s That Flower

This app doesn’t require the user to use a picture, instead, the color of the plant can be selected for identification. Next, the user has to select the habitat where that flower was displayed and the number of petals. Then the user is presented with a number of probable options. What’s That Flower app works differently than most ‘plant identifier apps’ and it is available only on Android devices. This can be useful at times when you see a flower but are unable to take its picture.

Top Features For Your Plant Identification App

The best features to be integrated in your Plant Identification App can be:

Fetch Data From Database

When this feature is integrated into the app, it starts to search for relevant results when a plant picture is uploaded in the app. An integrated image recognition functionality recognizes the plant by fetching information from the database and displaying all the possible results on the screen. This feature allows the app users to find an exact match and move ahead to explore more details regarding the plant.

Click & Upload Plant Photo

Using the plant identifier app, it gets easy to recognize any plant. In the plant identifier apps, the users are required to take a picture of the plant using the camera and upload it to the app, and this technology allows them to do just that.


Using the geotagging functionality, the app users can add locations when they find a particular plant.

Complete Details Regarding The Plant

This feature allows the app users to get all the information regarding the plants, like fruits, leaves, group and family that they belong to, their origin, popular names, scientific names, description, growth habits, and other necessary details.

Required Team Structure For Plant Identifier Apps

  • Project manager
  • iOS or Android developers
  • Back-end developers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Quality Analysis Testers

Tech Stack Required For Plant Identifier Apps

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • CoreML
  • MLKit
  • Figma


Building an app to identify flora and fauna can be a very profitable app idea. As it allows you to reach out to a target audience that is educating themselves about plants.

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