Belong’s ambitious vision to redefine social connection experiences led to a collaboration with Favoured, a full-funnel marketing agency. The aim was to reinvigorate Belong’s presence in Dubai and establish its footprint in San Francisco and New York. Favoured’s campaign centred around innovative growth hacking techniques and data-driven creative strategies.


Belong’s initial foray into the market faced challenges due to a narrow focus on Facebook ads, resulting in suboptimal user acquisition and engagement. Identifying this, Favoured crafted a strategy to diversify the marketing mix and enhance user engagement.

Strategic approach

  • Full-funnel marketing: The campaign targeted every stage of the user journey, from awareness to conversion, employing a mix of digital channels.
  • Creative testing: A/B testing was rigorously applied to ad creatives, including static visuals, persuasive copy, and UGC videos, to determine the most effective content for each platform and audience segment.
  • Multi-channel presence: Favoured expanded Belong’s digital presence to include Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok, leveraging the unique strengths of each platform.
  • Retargeting and nurturing: Favoured implemented retargeting strategies alongside email and in-app messaging to nurture leads and enhance user engagement.

Performance highlights

  • Improved CPI by 66%: By diversifying ad channels and optimising ad spend, the cost per install was significantly reduced.
  • ASO success: The view-to-install rate on app stores jumped from 20% to 59%, indicating higher user interest and optimised app store presence.

Meta campaign performance:

  • Global: Achieved a remarkable 200,000+ app installs.
  • San Francisco and New York: Exhibited robust growth in app installs and managed CPI efficiently.

TikTok campaign insights:

  • Engagement growth: Notable 151.6% increase in app installs, with a well-maintained average CPI.
  • Creative effectiveness: UGC videos outperformed other formats, optimising towards a 20% higher engagement rate and a 50% reduced CPI.

Creative testing insights:

  • A/B testing: Favoured conducted over 500 A/B tests, refining ad copy, visuals, and video content.
  • Content resonance: UGC videos featuring real-life user experiences showed a 30% higher conversion rate in comparison to other formats.
  • Copy variation: Ads with concise, action-driven copy resulted in a 25% increase in click-through rates.


Favoured’s comprehensive strategy for Belong’s relaunch and expansion was a resounding success, marked by significant improvements in CPI, ASO, and user engagement metrics. The diverse and data-driven approach, especially the effective use of creative testing and multi-channel marketing, not only revitalised Belong’s market presence but also set new standards in app marketing.

Favoured’s expertise in growth hacking and ROI-focused strategies was instrumental in transforming Belong’s digital footprint across multiple geographies.