Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, iPhones glistening.

Christmas brings the relieving heat of steaming hot cocoa, all-encompassing smells of fresh baked cookies, and wonderfully shiny new smartphones wrapped in equally wonderfully shiny gift wrapping. Mobile devices, iPhones and Androids alike, have become a significant part of people’s Christmas and Holiday traditions. The growing hype of this worldwide holiday smartphone and tablet gifting tradition reflects all so clearly in the increased app install rates during this jolly season.

So what do new smartphones and tablets for Christmas mean? New apps, of course!

According to TechCrunch, in 2017, on Christmas day alone, consumers spent $196 million on app downloads, in-app purchases and subscriptions. And that is even still excluding Android revenue in China! The 2017 holiday consumer spending of app downloads, in-app purchases and subscriptions presents a 12.3 percent increase from last year’s, Christmas 2016, spending of $174 million. It is predicted that installs this year will exceed the 200 million!

Consumers especially rush for Games, Social, Media and Lifestyle

During the holidays, people are naturally taking breaks from those arduous work days and never-ending hours of studying. Thus, the most popular apps to download during the holidays tend to be Games, Social Media, and Lifestyle apps. Apps categorized in Games and Social were on top of Christmas downloads in the last few years.

TechCrunch highlights that on Christmas Day 2017 game apps brought in $158 million, a $8 million increase from Christmas Day 2016, and non-game apps brought in $38 million, a $14 million increase from Christmas Day 2016.

Media (photo, video and music apps) and Lifestyle apps (sports, books, magazines, entertainment) also experienced increased download rates in the holiday season.

Cookies for Santa, Apples for You

Flurry Analytics reported that in 2017, of all mobile devices gifted during Christmas and Chanukah, 44% of them were Apple products and 26% of them were Samsung products.

Importance For App Developers and Marketers

Don’t get blinded by all this holiday sparkle and glitter! Make sure you’re getting your apps ready for the App Store’s busiest season of the year. However, bear in mind that App Store Connect will be shut down for a week during holidays! As announced on Apple’s developer news and update page, no new apps nor app updates of already existing apps will be accepted from Dec 23 to Dec 27.

Curious how to Get your App ready for Christmas?

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