When your affiliate marketing campaign goes green and stays green for a long period of time with decent volume, you can generally go two ways about growing your revenue stream beyond that point. You can either keep maintaining the current campaign and use the profits to fuel a new endeavor, or try expanding upon the existing setup by scaling it further. In this post, we are going to focus on the second option and list the most effective ways you can increase a successful campaign’s revenue while keeping your ROI positive.

Outbid your competition

If you are having success with traffic from an RTB platform, and you are not the highest bidder yet, you should try to get there. Getting access to more of the exact same kind of traffic that has worked for your marketing funnel in the first place is the safest way to bring in more volume without affecting your ROI. Run a quick cost analysis, figure out how much higher you can go while keeping your current profits, and keep growing your audience.

Add another traffic source

This option will require more optimization than the previous one, but it can also deliver significantly more volume, possibly even at a lower price. Find another platform that deals in the same ad format you have been using, do some research on the company, and test it out with your marketing funnel. You might hit the jackpot right away, you might need to blacklist some publishers or find another ad network altogether, but there is a lot of eyeballs out there for those willing to look for them.

Use other ad formats

If your angle works, it might work in a different format. If the message is strong enough, it could very well survive a change in method of delivery and show a decent CR. At this point, you will be doing a lot of A/B testing, but the rewards grow exponentially larger as well, because you can find something that works even better than what you initially had success with. Not to mention all the new traffic sources you can try when a different format works out.

Look for similar offers

When you have squeezed the last bit of volume out of your sources, there are still some options left to raise your profit margin. Start experimenting with different flows and landing pages. Find an offer for the same country with a similar product and a higher payout, and see if you can achieve the same results on it with your setup. If you are running DOI, try finding a SOI alternative and see if a faster flow skyrockets your CR. You might just create another monster to rake in profits at the same rate as your initial campaign.

Ask for a bump

Whether you are working with an affiliate network or going directly to an advertiser, raising your payout is the simplest way to get an immediate profit boost. Good feedback is vital for an affiliate marketing campaign, and if you are working with the right partners, there should be plenty of it. If everything works out great on the back end of the campaign, negotiating for a higher payout is often the right move. Don’t sell yourself short.

Those are the 5 most common and effective ways to expand your marketing efforts, and accordingly, their returns. Ready to limit-test your scaling capabilities? ClickDealer Nitro is an affiliate marketing contest running until July 18th, where the winner gets a Porsche Taycan 4S, and runner-ups enjoy prizes ranging from consoles and smartphones to Rolex watches and quad bikes.

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