In the vast expanse of digital marketing, the affiliate marketing industry has taken on numerous forms, from traditional third-party platforms to influencer partnerships. Among these strategies, the concept of “Owned & Operated” (O&O) affiliate offers stands out as a matter of unique benefits. But what does “Owned & Operated” mean, and why should brands and marketers pay attention to such offers? Let’s dive deep into the peculiarities of O&O affiliate offers and their advantages.

What are owned & operated affiliate offers?

In its simplest form, O&O affiliate offers refer to promotions, deals, or products owned and controlled by the brand themselves, rather than being facilitated through a third-party platform or intermediary. In other words, the brand takes on the dual role of the product owner and the promoter, utilizing its platforms, assets, and channels to drive sales and conversions.

Advantages of owned & operated affiliate offers

  • Full Control Over Branding & Messaging: One of the major advantages of O&O affiliate offers is the level of control brands retain over their messaging, design, and presentation. There’s no need to adjust to third-party platform guidelines or compromise on branding standards. Everything from the design of the offer page to the messaging can be tailored to reflect the brand’s ethos.
  • Higher Profit Margins: By eliminating intermediaries, O&O offers often result in higher profit margins. Third-party platforms usually charge a fee or commission for using their services. By circumventing these fees, brands can either pocket the difference or reinvest it into refining their offers, thereby creating a more enticing proposition for their audiences.
  • Direct Customer Data Access: O&O offers allow brands to gain firsthand insights into their customer behaviors, preferences, and buying patterns. This direct interaction with customers, without the filter of a third party, ensures that brands can make data-driven decisions, tailor their future campaigns, and foster a deeper connection with their audiences.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By controlling every aspect of the affiliate journey, from the moment a customer clicks on an offer to the post-purchase phase, brands can ensure a seamless, high-quality experience. This level of control can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Flexibility and Agility: With their full control, brands can be far more agile with O&O offers. Whether it’s quickly pivoting the offer based on real-time feedback or launching flash sales, the ability to make swift changes can lead to increased conversion rates.
    Are there any cons?  Setting up O&O offers might require an initial investment, though  the long-term benefits in terms of lead quality, conversion rates, and data security can outweigh the costs.

Regarding above mentioned costs – an average network is not able to afford such offers. We will show the examples of O&O offers on an outstanding CPA network ClickDealer, who has this type of offers in their leadgen portfolio. They have united with Digital Media Solutions and opened a new chapter of whitehat long-lasting campaigns, which bring stable results and guaranteed profits. Now their mission is to introduce this kind of leadgen to the authorial audience.

Moreover, ClickDealer offers an additional monetization opportunity by upselling users on the Thank You page. When a user submits a request for a home improvement service, the system offers them more services they might need. Also, the users that don’t convert via CPL can be converted later by pay-per-call. This type of extra monetization drives up ROI by an average of 10%!

Bellow are US O&O offers in the niches of home improvement (roofing, flooring, windows, HVAC etc), warranty, solar etc.


Now you have discovered the new type of offers, CPA networks can have and it is up to you to choose the most suitable for your goals and traffic. In an industry as dynamic as affiliate marketing, staying ahead on the competitive edge is crucial. O&O leadgen offers provide that edge, merging quality with control. Our example, ClickDealer, as a reliable worldwide CPA network, is here to guide, assist, and provide the best opportunities to skyrocket your online business.