Massimo is the CEO at Reveri and previously the Chief Technology Officer at Depop.

In your own words, what’s your role in the app business right now?

The Reveri app delivers the power of self-hypnosis and Dr. David Spiegel’s unique expertise to hundreds of thousands of people already. We are on a mission to deliver this to hundreds of millions of people around the world, and my role is to assemble, grow, and lead the world-class team to make this possible.

How did you end up working in apps? / get started?

Back in Italy, I was a software engineer working on traditional SaaS products. When the first iPhone launched, I was fascinated by the possibility of getting my work into the hands of millions of people, literally! So I spent my evenings after work learning how to build iOS and Android apps, and after publishing several as a hobby, I was able to turn this fun exercise into a career by landing my first job as a mobile engineer in London.

What are you most excited about in apps right now? (tech, trends, people, verticals)

There is a lot of excitement around the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, and that is starting to impact the world of apps too. An example is the recent release of the ChatGPT app by OpenAI, but it is quite clear that this is just the beginning and that AI will soon be ubiquitous across pretty much all verticals, with advanced personalization and efficiency at the core of most solutions.

What other companies in the app space do you rate/ inspire you and why?

I admire how Spotify was able to build a category and revolutionise an industry, build an incredibly loyal user base, and withstand the competition from giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon, all while continuing to innovate their products and content. Specifically from the perspective of user experience and design, I find AirBnB inspiring. With their app, they make a very complex process incredibly simple and intuitive, all within a beautifully designed app.

What do you like most about working in apps?

What drew me into this world in the first place: the ability to reach consumers quickly with ideas, solutions, and innovations, to solve problems and ultimately create value for people around the world.

What one thing would you change about the app industry / market?

There are too many clones and not a lot of tangible value. I remember the first couple of years of the App Store’s life when browsing apps was a magical experience. You could almost breathe the creativity and ambition of the developers behind each idea. Nowadays, it is difficult to find apps that are truly innovative and that add value to people’s lives.

Where do you think there’s an opportunity for apps / or unmet needs?

The latest figures show that there are almost 9 million apps on the App Store and Google Play. So finding unmet needs is definitely a challenge. However, I believe there is still space for innovation in the health and wellness space, with the opportunity to create truly impactful products that enhance people’s daily lives.

If you weren’t working in apps what would you be doing?

I would be a professional athlete or a coach of athletes, or at least that would have been my dream! Life circumstances drew me to a different career path, but I feel very fortunate for where I am and I treasure all my learnings and accomplishments in the tech world.

iOS or Android?

I am an iOS user, but I own an Android phone and use it fairly regularly to stay up to date with new features, changes, and trends.

What app(s) have been most useful to you over the last year?

1Password is probably the most useful app out there: it solves a big problem brilliantly and with a seamless experience across multiple platforms. Besides that, I am a very active person, so Garmin Connect and Strava are at the top of my list.

What’s on your Spotify / Music party playlist?

My favourite music is from the 80s and 90s, so my Spotify is full of songs from U2, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., and other great bands from those years.

Any Netflix/ TV show recommendations?

The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. I grew up in the 90s playing and watching basketball, so watching that was like taking a trip on a time machine.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

Perhaps I would mention that the most rewarding aspect of my job and in general of being in a leadership role, is the opportunity to work with smart and passionate individuals and help them fulfil their potential. That has always been my commitment to my teams in the past and to everyone at Reveri.

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