Want to be an Android app developer? Google and Udacity have the course for you

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Google has partnered with higher education company Udacity to launch the Android Basics Nanodegree, a course that promises to teach people how to make their own Android apps, regardless of whether they have previous development experience.

Udacity has a new course for first time Android developers

The course lays out the groundwork for building apps, which is performed through the Android Studio, and includes an introduction to Java, along with skills such as:

  • User interfaces
  • How to store data
  • Utilize the internet in an app
  • Fix problems
  • Localize apps

Udacity’s syllabus features several projects, which sees students building single screen apps, quiz apps, report cards, and in the future, projects on tracking and news apps. Students should expect to spend 165 hours working through the course, or about 21 days of solid, 8 hours a day study.

To motivate would-be developers, Udacity states the average annual wage of an Android developer is $94,000, with an expected base salary between $52,000 and $136,000.  Visit Udacity’s course page here for more details, and the chance to sign-up for a one-week free trial.