Twitter adds timelines and guest authentication to Fabric mobile development kit

Andy Boxall

In App Development

April 20, 2015

twitter fabric

Twitter has announced an update to Twitter Kit on Fabric, its modular development kit which includes Twitter, Crashlytics, and MoPub services. There are two new features now integrated into Fabric – user timelines, and guest authentication.

With user timelines, Twitter wants developers to integrate tweets into their own apps, and has made the process simple, so it takes only a few lines of code. This system shows a set of tweets related to the content of an app. For example, Regal Cinemas pulls tweets with 140-character reviews of films playing, while Citymapper posts traffic updates, and public transportation news with its maps.

An example of how Regal Cinemas integrates tweets into its app

twitter timelines

The timeline can be used to display a single user’s tweets, rather than gather them based on hashtags or a general theme. Twitter has added a degree of customisation to this feature, and the background can be altered to ensure it meshes with the app in which the content is displayed.

Joining this feature, to make it more usable and accessible to users, is guest authentication. This allows an app to access Twitter and display content, without needing a user to sign-in to an account. This removes an extra step inside the app, which may stop some users from benefiting from Twitter content. Both new features are compatible with iOS and Android.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Twitter Kit, and testing out the new features inside your own app, you can sign-up for Fabric here.