Pinterest launches API suite for developers to created personalized app experiences using pins

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Pinterest has announced the Pinterest Developer Platform, which slightly opens up the social network for developers, allowing access to the more than 50 billion pins already saved on the site. The platform consists of various APIs, which developers can leverage to build apps related to content pinned by users.

The site gives a few examples. For instance, a travel app could build personalised itineraries based on pinned locations, cities, or countries. A cooking app could pull recipes or shopping lists together that correspond to saved dishes. When a Pinterest login is used in another app, developers will get access to their boards and pins, ready to make a more personalised experience built around user interests.

Social network Pinterest lets users organize things they love on special boards

Initially, developers must apply to Pinterest to be put on a whitelist, at which time they’ll gain access to the APIs. The platform is in beta at this stage, and Pinterest isn’t launching with any development partners. Instead, it’s looking for a small amount of developers to come up with unique ideas.

Josh Inkenbrandt, Pinterest’s lead developer on the platform, told TechCrunch:


“We hosted an internal event to see what people in here would build on top of that, and the results were really cool. So we realized, we need to be able to start opening this up and see what developers would want to do. We crafted our policies to make sure the incentives are aligned with developers, with Pinterest and obviously with our users. For us, an app that’s great is an app where our Pinners are the ones that are benefited the most. We want to see the potential, and we think the best thing is to give it to developers.”

Currently restricted to developers based in the U.S., you can apply for access to the beta program and receive a technical overview of the platform here.