Perfecto Mobile: To ensure 80% coverage, developers should test apps on 32 different devices

Andy Boxall

In App Development

September 8, 2015


Perfecto Mobile, a company which helps developers test and build better apps, has added device coverage to its Mobile Test Coverage Index. The new data point is designed to make sure developers are testing their apps on devices which will ensure the widest coverage. Currently it’s available for the German and the UK markets.

In a statement, Perfecto told Mobile Advertising Watch:

“As digital engagement continues to be the primary way brands reach customers, it’s too risky to simply “assume” that apps and websites will work on the wide range of devices used by consumers. True app quality and business success require strategic planning and testing.”

Perfecto Mobile provides a way for mobile developers to test apps

The new data states that developers should ensure their apps work on between 26 and 32 different devices to reach 80% of the market. This figure is based on the most popular devices, the most widely used versions of mobile operating systems, and core reference devices such as the Nexus range of smartphones and tablets.

Roi Carmel, SVP of products and strategy at Perfecto Mobile, said:


“It is critical that chief digital officers and their teams align app testing and quality assurance strategies with real life customer experiences. Having industry benchmarks grounded in current data helps enterprises assure the quality of digital engagement. This absolutely depends on an app working flawlessly for users on the device, form factor, and environment they use.”

Perfecto Mobile introduced the Mobile Test Coverage Index earlier this year, and the latest report can be downloaded from here.