Parents represent 43% of mobile gamers, but it’s not a solitary activity


Statistics released by Facebook have revealed that 43% of mobile gamers are parents, and they take to their smartphones late in the afternoon to early in the evening to indulge in the pastime.

Examining habits in ten different markets including the U.S., Facebook reveals that around 2pm, parents begin to open mobile game apps, and continue playing until 8pm. During this time, usage rises sharply, peaking at 5pm and continuing until 8pm, when television starts to take over.

Facebook shows parents play mobile games in the evening

facebook gaming parents

However, this isn’t a solitary activity. Those parents playing games are usually doing so with their children. Ninety percent of those interviewed said mobile games are a family activity, and 89% said they use the games as an educational activity with their children. Additionally, 83% buy mobile games for their children.

Facebook states:

“A new family tradition is emerging as parents and kids bond over gameplay. Keep in mind that across mobile gaming markets there is a high proportion of gaming parents seeking educational and family-oriented games that can be played across generations.”

The data comes from Facebook’s 5 Global Mobile Gaming Trends report, which can be viewed in full here.