Top Android Development Tutorials on Youtube

Alberto Furlan

In resources. May 25, 2016


There are plenty of high-quality courses to get on the Android development bandwagon out there like Udemy and Udacity (both free) to paid-for courses like Lynda.

While hands-on learning is the best approach for many people, sometimes you just need to watch others do things to understand the nitty-gritty: where is that button? How do I bring up that menu?

These tutorials are designed mostly for beginners, but they cover all the necessary basics in great detail. Some channels also have other courses like Angular, node.js and iOS development. If you’re just starting out on Android development, or you want to scratch up on your foundations, then we suggest you start from one of these.

The New Boston

With over one million subscribers, this is one of the bigger Youtube channels on development in general. We’ve linked their Android app development video number one (a little bit dated at 2011), but this is still a great resource for Android basics and much more. Bucky’s most recent series covers django and Angular 2.

Kevin Norman

The beauty of Android is its flexibility with languages, and HTML5 coupled with JavaScript has come to the fore as a great cross-platform solution. This tutorial by Kevin Norman will have you create an app to work on both Android and iOS using node.js and the Cordova platform.

Wesley Carlsen

Has recently revamped his series on Android development, which originally started out in 2014 and reached more than 400,000 views. The two series are contained in the same playlist, so don’t be put off by the fact its video number 9 – it’s the first of the new part, which involves more hands on programming.


One video, 52 minutes, a complete app. Covers the basics from scratch and gives you what you need to set out on your own. There are no other Android-related videos, so only use this if you are just starting out.

Android Design In Action

The official Android Developers channel, it is basically the most extensive Youtube resource out there. We’ve chosen one of their very first videos, “A first hand look at building an Android application” but really there’s hundreds of resources here. More for experienced users than total beginners.

Derek Banas

Covers all aspects of mobile app development, from Node.js to Angular, Ruby on Rails and also sometimes low-calorie recipes. Android Development for Beginners is part 1 of a 23 video series, and once you’re done with that, there’s plenty more in Derek’s channel to expand on.


Top App Developers

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Programming Knowledge

Has three tutorial series on Android – Studio, SQLite and MYSQL. Has since moved on to other tutorials on GitHub and other languages, but this series is one of the most recent ones, with the earliest video uploaded in January 2015 and the series finishing in February 2016.



Prabeesh RK

Really starts from the basic, the first video covering how to install Android Studio 1.0. The Android-specific tutorial series currently numbers eighty videos and ranges over all topics, from simple ones like buttons to more technical MYSQL and supporting different languages.



Not Android specific, but these days you can’t ignore the power of HTML5 and JavaScript to develop cross platform applications. This tutorial, by the very popular CodeGeeks channel, covers the basics of HTML5 – it’s not a playlist because it’s nearly three hours long!

VCR Games

If you like videos but don’t like them narrated, this is the channel for you. HTML5 app development tutorials, with text guiding you on screen and either silence or classical music in the background. Most of the rest of the channel also concentrates on HTML5 development at large.