Game developers Marker Metro snapped up in $28.9m acquisition of parent company

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New Zealand mobile game development studio Marker Metro has been acquired by The Marketing Group. The deal comes as part of The Marketing Group’s $28.9m purchase of Marker Metro’s parent company, Ulysses Ltd, in which it also took over the Wilkin Marketing, Skye, and Clickverta subsidiary companies.

Marker Metro has been acquired by The Marketing Group

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The acquisition allows all parties to increase international reach. Described as a company that, “brings unparalleled technology skills and a stake in the massive mobile app and branded gaming space,” Marker Metro has worked on apps for Zynga, Disney, and Sony, while also producing its own products. According to CEO Keith Patton, speaking to the NZ Herald, the firm’s long-term plan is to expand into the U.S. and the UK.

In a blog post on the company’s own site, CEO Keith Patton says:


“We want to assure all our wonderful clients that operationally everything is very much business as usual. Marker Metro will continue with the same leadership and outstanding team as before. However, we will now be part of a much larger group allowing us wider access to resources and great exposure to new clients and partners.”

Learn more about Marker Metro by visiting its website here, or about The Marketing Group here.