ECommerce platform Magento releases mobile SDK

magento logo

Magento, the eCommerce platform that has been part of eBay Enterprise since 2013, has announced a mobile SDK. The kit will provide developers with the ability to make custom iOS apps that use Magento’s established eCommerce technology, and includes all the tools and resources needed to fully integrate Magento’s tech.

Features include customer accounts, checkout processes and tools, store credit, and an API to connect to a Magento store.  Additionally, the SDK comes with its own pre-built app, which developers can either use as a training tool, or customise it for use in their own apps, and accelerate development time.

The announcement comes alongside the release of version 1.14.2 of Magento Enterprise. New features in this new version include Google Tag Manager, which accelerates the implementation of marketing campaigns, and a new automated test feature to help improve speed and accuracy of testing programs. Finally, top performing products are highlighted automatically using an automated product category sorter.

Returning to the SDK, it’s noted that mobile apps are beginning to play a critical role in increasing mobile sales. According to eBay’s stats, there will be more than 2.17 billion mobile app users by the end of 2015, and mobile shopping apps are becoming more popular than ever.

You can read more about the new version of Magento Enterprise in the release notes, or visit Magento’s website to sign-up for an account.