Developers in Iceland, Azerbaijan, Yemen, and Peru can now upload pay apps to Google Play

Andy Boxall

In App Stores

June 29, 2015


Google has added a handful of new countries to the line-up of where it allows the addition of pay apps inside the Google Play Store. According to the developer console page, developers in Azerbaijan, Iceland, Yemen, and Peru can now submit apps that cost money to purchase, or including in-app purchases. Prior to this, only free apps were allowed to be locally published.

Paid apps were allowed in the store before, but only from developers in regions where Google could pay them. Now, local developers can open up their own Google Payments accounts, and be paid for their app efforts. Developers in both Azerbaijan and Yemen will be paid in U.S. dollars, Peruvian developers will receive Nuevo Sol, and finally, it’ll be Euros for Iceland.

Developers in four new countries can upload pay apps to the Google Play Store

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The addition of four new countries brings the total with Google Payments support to 78, but that’s only half the total amount of developer-only countries that have access to the Google Play Store, but are unable to sell apps through it.