Action cam specialist GoPro launches Developer Program

Andy Boxall

In App Development

April 18, 2016

gopro dev

Action camera specialists GoPro has launched a developer program to make it easier to integrate its products into mobile apps, or to create compatible devices and accessories.

The GoPro Developer Program is for software and hardware partners

gopro screen

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman wrote in a blog post on the subject:

“Over the last few years we’ve been excited by the creativity and enthusiasm other brands have demonstrated when integrating GoPro into their own solutions. The GoPro Developer Program is a way for us to celebrate the innovative work of our developer community and more importantly, help enable what comes next. We’re grateful to benefit from the collective genius of the participating developers and we’re excited to now officially support their efforts with our developer toolkits.”

There are three toolkits available. The mobile app toolkit gives developers the chance to add camera command and control features, a preview of live video, and a set of management tools. For devices, the toolkit adds the chance for developers to connect to a GoPro camera using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the physical HeroBus connector.

Several major companies have already been working with GoPro on the Developer Program, including BMW, Telefonica, and Fisher Price. For more details on how to apply for the program, visit GoPro’s website here.