TikTok Report

This report provides insights, data and statistics on Tiktok users, revenues, downloads and usage.  It provides an overview of the company’s financials, reach as well as data on demographics and user breakdowns. We believe this is the most comprehensive report available on TikTok.  If you have any questions get in touch research@businessofapps.com 

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Pages: 32

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Price: $179

Table of contents / What’s included ?

  • TikTok Revenues 
  • TikTok Users
  • Tik Tok Downloads and Rankings
  • TikTok Demographics 
  • TikTok Engagement 
  • Top TikTok Accounts by Followers 
  • TikTok Benchmarks vs other social apps



List of Charts

TikTok Revenues
TikTok Ad and E-commerce Revenue
TikTok IAP Revenue
Bytedance Revenue
ByteDance Revenue Breakdown
TikTok Users
TikTok Worldwide Users
Proportion of Internet Users on TikTok
TikTok Users by Region
TikTok Users by Country
TikTok MAUs
User Growth 2020
TikTok Downloads and Rankings
TikTok Downloads
TikTok Cumulative Downloads
Top Countries by Downloads
TikTok Rankings
TikTok Demographics
TikTok Age Demographics
United States Age Breakdown (%)
United Kingdom Age Breakdown (%)
China Age Breakdown (%)
Percentage of Audience Under 18 by Country
TikTok Gender Demographics
Gender Breakdown by Country (%)
TikTok Engagement
Average Time Spent
Top TikTok Accounts by Followers
TikTok Benchmarks
Click-Through Rate
Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
Other benchmarks

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