Classic sci-fi books and movies often portray a pandemic as out of this world. Now, it’s reality. Many businesses were hit and crushed, while others experienced an increase in demand. Why?

Today’s guest is Tina Zhang, digital acquisition manager at Memrise. She describes how the language learning company, well-known for utilizing flash cards as a study aid in their legendary mobile app, navigates this new uncharted territory and meets an increasing demand. 

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ Custom Language Courses: Learn how to speak useful, relevant, and everyday phrases

✔️ COVID-19 Impact: Lockdown spiked demand for online education and language learning

✔️ Popular Languages: Spend time productively during pandemic learning Spanish/English with a mobile app

✔️ Messaging: Memrise app helps people learn fast and have fun

✔️ Key Differentiators: Memrise is about learning a language in the real world, not school

✔️ Positive Feedback: Memrise’s engaging videos increased time in the app by 30 percent

Links and Resources:

Tweets/Quotes by Tina Zhang:

“There was a surge in demand for online education and language learning.”

“How do we meet the demands and how do we capitalize on the extra volume that we’re getting?”

Messaging: Memrise helps you learn fast and have fun.

“The type of language learning that we are offering is less about the same stuff that we would learn from school. It’s more about being able to learn a language and connect with the world.”

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