We’ve just passed the holiday season, perhaps some people are still under the impression from the gifts that they got this Christmas.

Hence my question – how do you decide what to buy?

Of course, your mental journey of making a decision probably starts with “what does she or her like?”, “what does she or he need?” – totally fair. But how do you decide what brand to buy from? Can’t say definitely about you but for many people, the decisive factor is an influencer she or he trusts.

Yes, you’ve guessed it – today we have Jennifer on the show to talk about Influencer marketing.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • What is Influencer marketing
  • What influencer marketing techniques were effective in 2022 and what weren’t
  • Examples of recent influencer marketing campaigns for mobile apps
  • What to expect this year
  • A single thing Jennifer would really like to change about Influencer marketing
  • Android or iOS?
  • Jen’s first mobile phone
  • Leaving her smartphone at home, what features would Jen miss most?
  • What features Jen would like to see added to her smartphone?

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Jennifer Sudo:

“Don’t just partner with influencers who you think is your target audience, try to deviate outside of that pool”

“The genius of the platform [Tiktok] is that there is two different feeds. One of them is for people you actually follow, and the other is For You page.”

“Will probably gonna see more advertisers using them [influencers] as the force for creative production. Not just using influencers but content creators at large to create assets.”

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