In every technology, and mobile is not exception, there are transitional moments when a new tech comes in that drastically change the game.

For mobile Augmented Reality is that technology and by now it is way more than Pokemon GO – admit when you’ve heard the term, it was what popped up in your mind. Today AR is about education, shopping, navigation and more.

To me the best application for Augmented Reality so far is what Google Translate AR does – when you can just point your phone somewhere on a subway station in China and quickly figure out where you should go or why the train is not on schedule.

But today Doddz will tell us about the AR potential for digital advertising and app marketing in particular.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Dodds’s path – an artist becomes a top Augmented Reality visual designer
  • What is actually Augmented Reality
  • How does the cutting edge of AR in digital advertising look like
  • How does Augmented Reality work for a mobile app marketing
  • AR vs VR and Meta
  • What Doddz would like to change in AR today?
  • Android or iOS? iOS all the way
  • Doddz’s  first mobile phone was a Samsung D500
  • What features would Dodds’s miss most? Notes-taking apps – can’t live without it.
  • What’s missing from mobile app technology? Better battery life and creating AR experience with iPhone’s camera on-the-go

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Doddz:

“AR is the ability to add a digital layer on what is a physical environment in real time”

“One of the stats digital marketing agencies love is the dwell time. For social media an average time on digital content these days isless than a second. The average time on Meta effect of Facebook and Instagram is 75 seconds. “

“I think there are need to be a point where the experiences [AR experiences], the use cases for wearing headsets are better than whatever we’re doing at the moment.”

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