Generative Pre-trained Transformer or better known to you as ChatGPT. This Generative AI, based on a large language model, was launched by OpenAI on November 30th last year.

You might have heard about OpenAI’s very recent turmoil with its CEO, Sam Altman’s firing and re-hiring 5 days later. Of course such a twist with a company worth 80$ billion grabbed your attention.

Speaking of money - how Generative AI can help you to boost your app’s monetization strategy? 

It’s a good question and we have Jenny to help us to figure it out.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • Jenny Kay Pollock background
  • Jenny's take on the current state of Generative AI
  • How app developers and brand can figure out if Generative AI is a good fit for their app
  • How Generative AI can help with app monetization
  • How to create effective prompts for Generative AI
  • What Jenny would like to change about app marketing
  • Takeaways

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Jenny Kay Pollock:

"AI’s power to drive business growth is exciting! Organizations and individuals can partner with generative AI to create something better or faster!"

"AI is not going to take your job. You’re just going to have to partner with it. Collaborate with the AI to supercharge your efforts."

"The [AI] technology is moving fast and things like corporate governance and legislation can be slow to catch up. Your board should be talking about AI strategy and AI policies."  

"AI is a new frontier and with that comes a new opportunity for more diversity."

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