It’s undeniable - when it comes to mobile advertising, performance - is what you’re looking from your online advertising partner first and foremost. Nobody would argue with that.

But then comes the second extremely important component - transparency. For an advertiser of any size - big brands especially - it’s crucial to know what channels are being used to drive traffic to their product of service. Is their brand safe with those channels?

Today’s guest is Jordi de Los Pinos, co-founder and CEO at Smadex. Jordi provides complete transparency on Demand Side Platform (DSP) performance.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  Jordi’s Journey: Switch from engineering hardware to mobile app advertising

✔️  Programmatic Advertising: Real-time bidding via signal processing and machine learning

✔️  Smadex: Mobile programmatic advertising platform that places ads for user acquisition

✔️  Performance and Transparency: What Smadex strives to give its marketing clients

✔️  DSP: Difference between Digital Signal Processor and Demand Side Platform

✔️  DSP Benefits: Smart technology makes money, quick decisions in real-time auctions

✔️  Privacy and Advertising: Upcoming options and concerns for targeting individuals

✔️  COVID Impact: Mobile advertising scalability and acceleration of digital transformation

✔️  Biggest Problem: Attribution—give merit to partner/company by analyzing metrics

✔️  Android or iOS?: Android

✔️  Favorite App(s): Play Chess

✔️  What’s Jordi looking forward to with app technology in the future? 5G

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Jordi de los Pinos:

“As humans, we always want what we don’t have.”

“We help app marketers to get people to download their app into their phone.”

“They make the advertiser money.”

“What we strive to achieve for our clients, in general, is to give them two things that I believe are key on what any marketer would want—performance and transparency.”

“Choose an ad for the right person at the right time.”

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