Every app needs a user. Fortunately, dozens of channels exist for app marketers to find users, including social, search, and third-party ad networks.

Today’s guest is Solange Baki, Growth Marketing Manager at Badoo. Currently she leads Badoo and Bumble user acquisition expansion through video and display performance campaigns, programmatically and with ad networks.

Today’s Topics Include:

 ✔️ App Acquisition Tools: Paid social, paid search, and third-party networks

 ✔️ Pros and Cons: Limitations exist with third-party networks and operating systems

 ✔️ App World: Games vs. non-games involve developers, players, programmatic promotion

 ✔️ Diversification Strategy: Don’t put all media/paid acquisition spend into 1 or 2 channels

 ✔️ Next Steps: Explore and select new sources for app downloads, results, ROI, budgets

 ✔️ Common Challenges: Fraud, vendor loyalty, constant monitoring, conversion rates

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Tweets/Quotes by Solange Baki:

“We are a global team of brilliant product managers, designers, engineers, data scientists, and many more with the mission to create life-changing moments by building relationships.”

“You can’t allocate all your media or paid acquisition spend into one or two channels. It doesn’t give you all the flexibility that you need to reallocate budgets, in case something goes wrong.”

“Adding third-party networks onto your paid acquisition portfolio gives you a lot of flexibility.”

“Fraud is one of the main challenges that we experience. It’s important to have an anti-fraud solution.”

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