Think about it – whatever product or service you offer on a market your success always hinges on how well you know the people you sell your product to. There is just no other way around it – either you understand their needs and their problems so you can address them and succeed or – not a chance, forget about it.

How do we conduct research for mobile app users? It’s a great question and today we have Rosie to help us to answer it.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Rosie Hoggmascall’s background
  • Mobile user research objectives
  • Finding participants to conduct a research
  • Common challenges and mistakes
  • What Rosie would like to change about digital marketing the most
  • Android or iOS?
  • Rosie’s first mobile phone
  • Leaving her smartphone at home, what features would Rosie miss most?
  • What features Rosie would like to see added to her smartphone?

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Rosie Hoggmascall:

“It really depends on what you’re trying to find out. With user research, there is a number of different methods you can use and they fit with a problem that you’re solving”

“It’s really hard [to find participants for research], things are on the spectrum here. One end is cheap and free, and the other end is expensive. “

“Not doing enough [of mobile user research], sometimes people just listen to like app reviews and support tickets. And if that is your user research, it’s not enough”

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