One of the pillars of the app marketing are formats - how information about apps is packed and presented to people on various advertising platforms.

It's one thing when it's about connecting via ads a mobile app with people who need that app, it's another when retaining app users is at stake. Mobile app users churn is a continuous challenge app marketers face around the globe, from small indie developers start-ups to big app development powerhouses and brands.

There is a number of ad formats at app marketers disposal - Banners, Interstitial, Video, pop-up, pop-under and more and you may think that you know them all and there is no room for innovation.

Wrong. There is. And Aykut is here to tell us about the story format.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️Storyly is a platform to bring social media content into the app, as well as to create and publish content from scratch

✔️The story format can be that edge, new angle, that distinctive feature that app marketers are looking for to set their apps apart from competition

✔️ It works for both indie developers and big brands, it's a matter of what content they publish via their social media channels

✔️Don't overwhelm your app users via content you're publishing from your social media channel packed in the story format.

✔️ On which side of the Android & iOS duopoly Aykut is? iOS on his beloved iPhone 12 Mini

✔️ What apps would Aykut miss the most if he leaves the smartphone home. Pokemon GO :-)

✔️ What new app technologies is Aykut most excited about? Machine Learning to process all personal information on the device to keep it secure, out of reach of hackers.

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Quotes from Aykut Bal:

"How to engage users was at the center of it all. When you fail to engage your app users, you're loosing them.

The cheapest way to grow is not acquiring the users in the cheapest way but keeping them inside the app."

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