We live in the world of smart things – smart homes, smart cars (and I don’t mean the Smart car brand from Mercedes, in general – fleets of electric vehicles from Tesla, Rivian, Polstar and so on that are full of high tech that makes them smart). The list wouldn’t be complete if I wouldn’t mention, right – smartphones and apps. 

Before late 2022 we thought we saw it all and than ChatGPT happened – boom! People who didn’t follow AI research and development (meaning the majority of population) were shocked by what it was capable of doing and quite frankly they haven’t seen what it can do for science and medicine yet, mostly the focus has been on generation of text for marketing, online publication and so on.

In this episode, we have Günay to talk about AI potential for mobile advertising and app marketing.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • Günay Aliyeva’s background
  • What is Gamelight
  • Günay’s thoughts about the state of AI and Generative AI in particular
  • The role of AI in mobile advertising
  • How does AI fit into mobile app marketing
  • The cons and externalities of AI in mobile advertising and app marketing
  • What Günay would like to change about mobile tech the most
  • Android or iOS?
  • Leaving her smartphone at home, what features would Günay miss most?
  • What features she would like to see added to her smartphone?

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Quotes from Günay Aliyeva:

And it’s going to get just easier for image and video makers to perform better and to get better results and put their focus on something more strategic and something where we actually do need human input. You don’t need actually a human  to sit and click so many times to create them. So it’s it’s just much easier for UA managers to do their job and perform better if they have all of those tools in hand.

There’s always a need for a human who will direct it in the right direction and know how to implement the outcomes or what kind of data needs to be input to get what kind of results.


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