Every change in the app ecosystem, especially when it comes to tools and solutions introduced by Apple or Google, goes through a cycle – first you get a mix reaction, some people are thrilled, some are shaking their heads and rolling up their eyes, then they learn to adapt to this change – you can complain as much as you want but you aren’t in a position to cancel it, you need to adjust your workflow to move forward. 

So back in 2018, Apple released the SKAdNetwork and ever since it became a hot topic for endless discussions on conferences, chats on Reddit, as well as internal discussions in app marketing agencies, app development teams and so on.

Today, we have Pablo to update you with what you need to know about SKAN 4.0 this year.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • Pablo’s background
  • What is Admiral Media
  • What’s new in the SKAN 4.0 update
  • Common mistakes marketers made with SKAN 4.0
  • Admiral Media’s approach to SKAN implementation
  • The role of Generative AI at being more efficient with the SKAN 4.0 framework
  • Pablo’s wish list for the SKAN framework
  • What Pablo would like to change about mobile tech the most
  • Android or iOS?
  • Leaving his smartphone at home, what features would Pablo miss most?
  • What features he would like to see added to his smartphone?

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Pablo Pérez González:

I have seen so many people reducing is investment in terms of user acquisition budgeting or just pausing completely the use acquisition on iOS devices because they didn’t know how SKAN worked, right? So that’s definitely something I don’t recommend. Because if you proved that those users were working for you before, meaning that they were converting into revenue, then why not still acquiring  iOS  users, right?

I have been using Generative AI in a few ways. The easiest answer would be it’s helpful for Conversion Volume Mapping, right? But my experience says it’s not there or it’s not at a level I would expect yet.


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