Every app marketer would love for their app marketing campaign to go viral. Spending less by getting your potential users’ attention to spread the message about your app is pure gold.

Today’s guest is Jonathan Maxim, CEO at HeyPal and former marketing strategist. He talks about how to make your social media campaign go viral.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • What is HeyPal? Social language learning platform (no affiliation to PayPal)
  • Countries: HeyPal’s biggest blessing and downfall is supporting them all 
  • What is growth hacking? Where organic and paid campaign meet to play nice together 
  • KPIs: Measure click-through rate, downloads, cost per install, and retention
  • Going Viral: Cost per acquisition drops exponentially; growth is used to gauge success 
  • Common Mistakes: Are you going for reach, downloads, sales, or spread a message?
  • TikTok: How valuable are dance videos to society? Very powerful, free, relevant content
  • Android or iOS? iOS – Jonathan is an Apple fan, but admits Android is getting better
  • What features would Jonathan miss most? Voice notes feature
  • What’s missing from mobile app technology? Delegate and trust, not micromanage

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Jonathan Maxim:

We just crossed the million downloads mark, and it’s been an awesome ride. We had some viral moments with HeyPal, no doubt.”>

“It makes it really easy to speak with somebody from another country if you’re trying to learn a language. The whole idea is to build a gap between curriculum learning and practice.”

“It’s really the social glue on the language learning space.”

“Social media is one component of the marketing strategy to make things go viral.”

“The ads that have an influencer or a real human in them, they convert better. They have better click-through rate, better conversion rate, even though they cost less and the production quality is lower.

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